5 Must-try Punjabi Delicacies in Amritsar

The land of the magnificent Golden Temple is also a food lover’s paradise. It is especially true for the Punjabi community, who are the real gourmets. No one can relish the fatty delicacies in all their authentic splendor as a Punjabi does! Distinguished for its exquisite Golden Temple, the famous Jallianwala Bagh, and kind people, the city of Amritsar has likewise become well-known for its flavorful cuisines in the past few years. 

From the religious langar prasad to Kulchas and Lassi, Amritsar remains home to countless mouth watering delicacies. So next time when you plan a trip to this city, just rent a car in Amritsar with an experienced driver and head out straight to savor these delectable Amritsar specialties. 

1. Kara Prasad or Guru ka Langar

The list of famous Amritsari delicacies ought to start with the Guru ka Langar served at the renowned Golden Temple. One of the largest community kitchens of the globe, serving more than one lakh devotees daily for years. 

Though simple, the prasad here tastes heavenly. Also, even if you skip the Langar food, do not miss the delectable Kara Prasad, a hot sweet dish dripping with desi ghee that you get as a blessing when you visit the magnificent Golden Temple.

  • Where to try: Golden Temple and other Gurudwaras

2. Amritsari Kulcha 

When in Amritsar, you cannot afford to miss relishing the famous Amritsari Kulcha. A delectable Punjabi breakfast item, an Amritsari Kulcha, is prepared with processed flour, packed with a range of fillings like paneer, cheese, potatoes, cooked on a mud tandoor, and served with chole, chutneys, pickles, and curries that taste heavenly. 

The primary highlight of this mouthwatering dish remains the crisp consistency of the Kulcha layered with a generous dollop of butter that ensures that Kulcha melts in your mouth in every bite.

  • Where to try: Kulcha Land at Ranjit Avenue, Kesar da Dhaba, Darshan Lal Kulche Wala

3. Kulfa

Preparing this creamy and delicious dessert of Amritsar is a skill in itself. It is a soothing blend of numerous ingredients mixed in the correct quantities to make the dish taste flavorful. This Amritsari staple dessert is a bed of another famous sweet dish Phirni having a layer of ice-cold kulfi, faluda, crushed ice, rabri, along with a mild essence served on a mud plate that will always leave you wanting more. 

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  • Where to try: A-One Kulfa
  • Amritsari Fish Tikka

While you might have heard of the delicious kebabs and butter chicken that originated in Punjab, Amritsari delicacies are far beyond poultry. 

A favorite local dish, Amritsari fish, is cooked by marinating fresh fish in sauces and a batter of gram flour and then deep-fried to get a golden crust. Served with green chutney and curd, this is one of the most delicious starters that non-veg lovers can enjoy in Amritsar.  

  • Where to try: Makhan Fish And Chicken Corner, Sakhis Watz Kukin, Pehelwan Fish Shop.

5. Makke Ki Roti and Sarson Da Saag

This staple Amritsari food tastes best when enjoyed hot during cold winters, as it gives warmth to your body. The scrumptious Sarson da Saag, when savored with buttery Makka roti prepared on an earthen pot, leaves you with a lip-smacking taste that you will never forget. 

  • Where to try: Kesar da Dhaba, Brother’s Amritsari Dhaba

If you love relishing authentic North Indian cuisine, Amritsar will never fail to amaze you with its mouth watering delicacies. So why wait? Book a top-rated taxi service in Amritsar and embark on your food expedition now. 

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