9 Easy Ways to Get People Excited About Your Product

What if you had a product that people were excited about? What if people couldn’t wait to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about what you’re offering? Wouldn’t it be worth doing everything in your power to make sure they get all the information they need and want so they can share it with others? 

There are many ways to get people excited about your product. The best way is to make it look like there is something really valuable inside. For example, if you were selling lip balms, the outside of the box would be covered with pictures of what’s inside. You should use wholesale lip balm boxes. If you’re trying to sell shampoo, use bright colors and lots of bubbles in the advertisement. 

No matter how you do it, just remember that getting customers excited about your product will increase sales. 

Create a Catchy Slogan

One of the best ways to get people excited about a product is by creating a catchy slogan that will make them want it. Like “I’m lovin’ it” from McDonald’s or “#tweetfromtheseat” from Charmin toilet paper. The idea for this strategy can come from anywhere, but once you have your slogan, don’t be afraid to really use it. 

Do Something Different 

People love new and exciting things, so do something different with your product. If there are

100 other companies selling shampoo, then try doing something no one else has done before, like using candy flavors or offering free samples at events around town. You know what they say: if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you? Of course not, so don’t do what everyone else is doing.

Make it Personal 

Everyone wants an amazing product that was made just for them and making your product personal to the consumer. It will make them feel like they are getting something specially made for them. This, in turn, makes you seem more trustworthy and reliable. For example, one way of doing this would be allowing customers to customize their orders or create a personalized label with their name on it. 

Just because we all love pandas doesn’t mean each one should look exactly alike. Show some personality when selling your product, and people will want to show off how unique their product really is (and hopefully brag about owning your awesome new invention).

Make Sure Your Product Packaging is Convenient 

For every person that buys your product, you’re competing with all the other products out there. This means you need to make sure your product can stand out in a crowd and be something people will keep coming back for. One way of doing this is by making it convenient. 

People tend to get distracted when they shop because there are so many choices available. So if they have difficulty finding what they want, or worse, still struggling to open up their newly purchased items. Then there are chances good why they won’t buy again from you next time around (or recommend you). 

Make sure everything comes easily packaged together in an easy-to-open container/packaging, which also happens to look nice too. It’s worth investing some extra money in the design of your product, so it looks professional and well-thought-out. 

Don’t forget to clearly label what’s inside or on outside packaging too. Because if they can’t tell what something is, then they either won’t buy it or will return it later for a refund once they get home. Suppose you want repeat customers who’ll keep coming back for more. Make sure your products are exactly that – easy to find/purchase, look good when opened up, and work as expected with no hassles whatsoever. 

Provide a Free Trial for People to Try Before They Buy It

It is always worth giving people the opportunity to try a product before they buy it. Even if you’re confident that your products are really great and work as expected, still think about letting them test one out for free first. Promise a money-back guarantee, too, so there’s no risk involved in trying something new or different from what they’ve been using up until now.

Be Honest 

If someone asks you a question about your product – be honest with them. Don’t exaggerate its benefits or downplay any faults/bugs/issues because this’ll only come back to bite later when things have gone wrong. Customers feel misled by your claims of being “the best thing since sliced bread.” And don’t forget: even though you might believe everything was fine, they might have a very different opinion of things.

Be Transparent 

People appreciate being treated as an equal, with respect and honesty, and trustworthiness. This is something you should show your customers every single day through the way you communicate with them (in social media, for example). Show people what’s going on behind-the-scenes too.

It makes them feel more involved in the project/company

because now there’s a sense of connection between both parties beyond just “selling products.”

Offer Incentives for Referrals or Reviews

People love discounts, so if you are offering them just for sharing your product,

people will likely be more than happy to do it.

You can also get reviews from satisfied customers or offer incentives in the form of free samples.

Use Unique Marketing Strategies 

When advertising a new product/service on social media, don’t limit yourself to Twitter and Facebook ads only. Use every single platform that is available.

There’s plenty of other ways, such as Snapchat refilters (or even Snap stories),

Instagram hashtags campaigns, and everything else under the sun.

The options are endless when it comes to marketing online these days, which means opportunities for businesses too. 

The Final Word 

The best thing you can do when it comes to marketing your cosmetic boxes wholesale is to make sure that the people who are most excited about it are also not too pushy or aggressive.

There’s no point in telling someone how great something is

if they’re never going to find out for themselves because they don’t want anything to do with you.

Instead of pushing yourself on them, just give them enough information so that if and when they’re ready,

they’ll be prepared with all the facts necessary. 

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