Are Rules of Halfway House in Florida Truly Intimidating? Find Out Here

Halfway houses are not jails, as some people may think. This isn’t some punishment. It’s the other way round. The houses are supposed to give you a new lease of life, to discover the beauty of life sans alcohol and drugs. They help you learn that you needn’t always be in a “high” to enjoy life’s moments. Life is beyond those booze parties, shots, and pots. 

However, many people are intimidated by the general rules of a halfway house in Florida. It’s true that the house has strict rules. This is to instill discipline in the lives of inmates. 

According to psychologists, it is the lack of discipline in life that leads to addiction of various kinds.

However, you aren’t confined in the house. You can come and go freely as you wish. But halfway houses in Florida have curfews. You must return within a fixed time every evening. 

Purpose behind curfews

Curfews help inmates be at the house on time. This prevents them from hanging out late and visiting places where they might get tempted to drink or do drugs. 

Some of you may wonder what people do in a halfway house. Don’t they get bored? What kind of life can a person live in such a place? 

Well, all houses have a list of chores to do. 

Purpose behind chores

The main purpose behind assigning chores to inmates is to keep them busy and inculcate in them a sense of responsibility. The house is particular about cleanliness, peace, and healthy interaction between members. 

An individual has no time for boredom here. 

Chores include cooking, cleaning, gardening, and likewise. 

You must stick to your commitment to doing things in sober living. There are consequences of not sticking to commitments. This instills discipline in a person. 

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However, the house is not just about chores. It also organizes interesting activities so that people open up, discover and hone their talents, and enhance their personality, which had gone into shadows during active addiction. 

Then there are meetings and therapy sessions to attend regularly. Every house has a fixed timetable of sleeping, waking up, meals, meditation, and so on. This creates discipline in the life of a recovering addict. 

Examples of classical rules

Most sober living homes in Florida have the following rules:

  • All inmates must stay sober while they are living in the house. 
  • Inmates must respect each other, engage in healthy interaction, and resolve disagreements amicably. 
  • No inmate shall steal or use other inmates’ possessions without permission. 
  • All inmates must attend their 12-step program or AA meetings or any other therapy session. 
  • Inmates must look for jobs while living in the house and prove to be good employees. 

Halfway houses in West Palm Beach, Florida are serious about their rules. People who break them and those who fail to stay sober are evicted. 

Living in the house is a golden opportunity for a recovering addict to bring his or her life back on track and to pave the way to a brighter future. If you follow the rules properly, have faith in yourselves and the process, and harbor positivity and enthusiasm, you can live a successful life of sobriety and happiness. 

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