Everybody wants to look attractive and style themselves according to the latest fashion. There is a variety of Indian clothes as well as western clothes that can be styled in several different ways to get a fashionable look. You can buy these clothes from several clothing sites like that have emerged online in recent times. Although fashion keeps on changing due to the emergence of daily trends some styles never go out date. Here, we shall discuss some of the old and new fashion styles that would help you to style your clothes in several different ways.


VINTAGE: Vintage clothing is nothing but everything related to old classy looks. Although it is an old-fashioned look yet it never goes out of style as it is also rightly said old is gold. It would certainly please you in case you prefer old-school fashion taste. It is also a quite flexible term as every ten years new things can fit into this category and over time, every item that is classified under this head becomes antique. You can easily buy such clothes from vintage stores that are available in the market as well as online.

CASUAL:  Casual wear is the formal clothes that you generally wear while going to different business meetings as well as official events. Casual wear should be something that elegant and also at the same time is comfortable enough so that it can be worn daily to the office. The way you carry a casual dress greatly depicts your fashion sense. You need to create a proper balance between the level of comforts as well as the level of elegance while choosing something of a formal sort.

WEDDING: One of the best things about weddings is the Indian wedding dresses. You get to see a wide variety of dresses worn by different people at the same wedding. Generally, there are more options available for females for different occasions. However, the options for gents are also not less. The type of dress you choose to wear is quite dependent on nature as well as the time of the function. In the case of wedding dresses, you have ample choices and there are new options that show up every day due to changing trends. 

ARTSY: This dressing style is meant for people who are quite creative and love to do various experiments with their clothes to create their style statement. This generally involves bold colors with typically large prints. Most of such clothes are handcrafted and homemade. The basic idea is to create something unusual that is far away from the traditional styling. You can get an Indian dress such as an old sari and design something new out of it. The only thing that is required here is that you need to be bold and creative enough to try various experiments on your outfits.

EXOTIC: As the name suggests, it is all about wearing something exceptional, something new that nobody has ever worn. This is a sort of clothing that you have never seen before. There are various elements included such as bold and vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and most importantly mysterious designs. Such a dress can be easily recognized from a distance as it is exceptional and thus can easily be figured out. 

TRENDY: Indian outfits can be a different type of trendy as they are a vibe in themselves. But the youth today is much swayed by the foreign trends and in case you want to be on pace with the latest trends, you may need to update your wardrobe several times with the changing seasons in a year. Perhaps, it is the easiest style to follow as involves no intricacies or dramas. In case you are much aware of the latest and current fashion trends and styles, you can easily update yourself as well as your wardrobe with the ongoing trends.

ETHNIC: This is the style that connects you to your traditions and cultures. You can easily buy a wide variety of Indian clothes onlinethe essence of which is ethnic. There are many occasions and functions especially in Indian families where the most appropriate outfit is something traditional. You get several choices even in ethnic wear and you can pick any among these depending upon your preference as well as the level of comfort you feel in it. Ethnic wear is something related to our traditional culture and thus it connects you with that.

Here, we have discussed only a few fashion styles. Fashion is a subjective thing and you need not particularly stick to a definite style that is defined by someone else. You can always have your idea and at times it may become a style statement for others to follow. You can create your styles and give birth to new trends. For this, you may different dresses. You can easily buy Indian dresses online and try and create various styles with them.


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