Fixing Printing Issues In Canon Printer

Technology has grown so high that even in most houses we can see people have printers. Reason behind it is having a soft copy alone might be preferred by most of the people but both soft copy and hard copy can make people feel much secure. People use printers from different brands.

Among those people who use one of the top devices, Canon often raises complaints, ‘my canon printer won’t print wirelessly’ or it isn’t printing properly. So we are going to find the cause of the issue in your printer because once we identify that we can easily sort out the issue that we have found.

Reasons for the Device not Printing Issue:

From the below reasons, check if your Canon printer not printing issues is due to any of the one that is said below.

  • While printing is going on the process, in the middle of the queue the paper might get stuck and become jam.
  • If the Canon printer drive that you are using is an outdated version, then you will definitely face this sort of printing issue.
  • The printer queue that already exists might get interrupted and do not work according to the queue that is set which in turn brings issues.
  • Also when you load any paper that is not a match to the printer that you are using, then you will not be able to print using the Canon printer.
  • When there is dust in the printer heads, again you will be facing issues with the printer.
  • In case, if the network connection is not secured at that time also you will be able to see the issue in your Canon.

How do I Fix Printing Issue in Canon Printer?

Method 1 Simple Technique:

  • To fix this issue, first you can reset on the hard printer and check if the issue has been fixed.
  • Then all you have to do is switch off the printer and remove the plug which is in the socket.
  • There will be a cable at the rear of the printer, you can now remove it.
  • Now you will have to allow the printer to rest just like that for about 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Again, we will have to directly plug the printer again into the socket.
  • Remember that we have disconnected a cable from the rear of the printer, we will have to connect it again.
  • It’s time to power on the printer right now, as we power on you will hear noise from it. You will have to wait patiently until the printer stops making any noise.
  • Finally, do a test print to check if the printer is working properly.

Check if the Printer is Online:

Also Canon printer offline settings can also interrupt and stop the printer to print. So to avoid this, we will have to set the printer to online.

  1. First, go straight to the settings option, then you will have to choose the printers.
  2. Then, you will have to right click on the printer and select to use the printer online. Now your printer is ready to go to clear all the queue.

Other Factors to Check:

  • If there is empty ink cartilage in your printer, then this could affect the proper functioning of the printer. So make sure check if there is enough ink in your printer.
  • The right version of the software must be downloaded to fix the canon not printing issue.

Connecting Canon to the WIFI:

To ‘connect Canon printer to wifi’ follow the steps given below and then you will access it easily.

  1. Turn on your printer, then go to the settings option and click on the device settings.
  2. Scroll down, to click on the LAN settings and then tap ok.
  3. Again scroll and click on wireless LAN setup and click on the option ok.
  4. Now a light will start to blink in your printer device which means it has started to search for Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, sometimes this search will have no end and so if it takes too long stop it.
  5. If you can see wireless LAN setup, standard set up; click ok on it.
  6. Scroll down until you can see your Wi-Fi, once you see it press ok, then enter the password of it and again tap ok.

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