Option Data Feeds For Traders

When trading in the options market, you’ll want to use an option data feed. OPRA offers one, but it’s incredibly expensive and complicated to process. This is why Smart Options was developed – for market participants who don’t need everything OPRA has to offer. Smart Options aims to lower costs for its target client segment.

OPRA’s option data feed

OPRA’s option data feed provides quotes for various options. A typical example is an Apple, Inc. option chain with call options that expire in August 2019. The left column lists the last trade time and last price. It also includes information on implied volatility and change since the last trade.

Direct feeds

Direct feeds for option data offer additional benefits over traditional market data services. They provide much more detailed reference data, such as the status of an instrument and the types of market participants that submit quotes. For traders with high-speed requirements, direct feeds can also be compiled into a custom price book or BBO using a hardware solution that is optimized for low latency.

Nasdaq Smart Options

The Nasdaq Smart Options data feed provides users with access to essential options market data. It is more efficient and less resource-intensive than a standard OPRA feed. It is also able to provide accurate, real-time quotes.

eSignal’s quote-driven market

In addition to the quote-driven market, eSignal also offers a Knowledge Base and personal support for its users. It also features a daily newsletter containing trading tips and historical evaluations of markets. The eSignal platform is user-friendly and supports multiple platforms. It also allows users to view up to 500 symbols at a time, and has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Yahoo_fin package

The Yahoo_fin package is a Python library that gives you access to real-time and historical price data from Yahoo Finance. The library provides the get_data() method, which you can use to sample the data. The yahoo_fin package stores the data in pandas dataframes, with the date of records as the index.

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CQG is one of the industry’s leading providers of market data and technology solutions. Their comprehensive solution includes data from over 45 exchanges, industry reports, and financial indices. They have won numerous awards for their trading software, technical analysis, and multi-asset trading platform. The company’s headquarters is in the United States, with 16 sales and support offices globally and data centers located in several major markets.


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