Top 6 Songs for Beginner Guitar Practice

Beginner guitar players may be a long way off from being able to play their favorite rock solos or classical music pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play something nice with your basic skills. For this list, we’ve picked out some songs you can try on your next practice session. Playing these easy and familiar guitar songs can help motivate you to keep on learning and adding songs to your repertoire. 

Before you begin, make sure to review the fundamental guitar chords, and if you’re an absolute beginner, you should sign up for some guitar lessons such as the ones reviewed here. Now, on to the list!

‘Love Me Do’ 

The Beatles have influenced generation after generation of people young and old to pick up the guitar, so we found it fitting to start with a Beatles classic. The story goes that a young Paul McCartney wrote this song when he decided to skip school. Later on, John Lennon added a bridge. It became the band’s debut single, released in 1962. This catchy tune is played in the key of G and features just three chords G, C and D.

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A ukulele song for the guitar? Why not? Grace VanderWaal is a gifted musician who writes insightful songs about things we can all relate to – such as bullying, which is what the song “Clay” is about. To play this ballad, you’ll only need to use four basic chords, all in the open position: C, D, E minor and G.

‘Brown Eyed Girl’

If you’re a fan of Sixties swing, you’ve probably sung or danced along to this song. Reaching the 10th spot in 1967’s Billboard Hot 100, “Brown Eyed Girl” is Van Morrison’s signature tune. It can be one of your first songs to learn on guitar if you already know the G, C, D and E minor chords. It’s a fun track for practicing open chord transitions and 8th note strumming as well!

‘Amazing Grace’

This beautiful song may be centuries old, but it has a timeless appeal especially to the faithful. Guitar beginners can play “Amazing Grace” using just three chords – G, D and A7. It’s a great song for new guitarists because the tempo is slow and you can really focus on practicing chord transitions smoothly.

‘Waiting in Vain’ 

Written by reggae legend Bob Marley, “Waiting in Vain” has been covered by several artists, our favorite being Annie Lennox. The song, included in the 1977 album Exodus, continues to be a favorite among those who are only just learning about Marley’s music. It’s good for rhythm practice on the guitar too.

‘Wonderful Tonight’ 

For beginners eager to try a guitar playing technique, here’s a classic Eric Clapton song for you. This ballad just pulls you in with that iconic intro. To play “Wonderful Tonight,” you’ll need to do some string bending. It can be quite a challenge for beginners, but we believe in you – and you must believe in yourself too.

Now, grab your guitar and get practicing! Remember to start off slowly at first, then up to the right tempo as you get the hang of the rhythm and chord transitions. Have fun!

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