What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a vital component of any air-suspended vehicle. As we know, many luxury cars and SUVs come with airbag suspension systems. An air spring suspension system has the same purpose as a regular suspension system has. Yet it works differently. An airbag suspension system uses inflated airbags filled with pressurized air. Devices like that can be found in vigor air suspensions at For your reference, this company has been dealing with air spring suspensions for over 20 years. Reliable and professional, this company provides customers with high-quality air spring suspension products.

As we’ve mentioned, the air compressor is one of the most crucial parts of an air spring suspension system. An air compressor provides the entire system with pressurized air. This enables the airbags to inflate to support the weight of the cars. Were there no air compressor, the air spring suspension system wouldn’t work.

An airbag suspension system uses inflated airbags filled with pressurized air. Devices like that can be found in vigor air suspensions at

Compressor and air compressor

Before we talk about an air compressor, let’s get to know something about a compressor. A compressor is a mechanical device that compresses the volume of a gas to increase its pressure. Compressors and pumps are much alike in that they both raise fluid pressure and can transport it through pipes. Fluid includes liquid or gas.

So what is an air compressor? Well, a compressor that is used to pressurize air into a compressor is known as an air compressor. More specifically, an air compressor pumps air into a sealed container and pressurizes it. The air is then driven through an opening, causing pressure to increase. To put it in a simpler way, consider it as an open balloon. Once the pressurized air is released, it creates energy that can be made use of. An air compressor is driven by an engine that converts electrical to kinetic energy.

Air compressors vary in size and application. Large ones are normally used to refill truck tires while small ones may be designed for a vehicle battery.

Air suspension compressor

An air compressor is able to change the height of your car by raising or decreasing the pressure of the air. There are two types of air compressors: proportional type and switch air compressor. Each of the two has its benefits. Compared with the latter, a proportional air spring system can automatically change air pressure based on various road conditions. A switch-type compressor operates by maintaining full pressure once it’s switched on.

The air ride compressor is one of the most significant parts of an air suspension system. Without its existence, people won’t have so much comfort in vehicles.

What does an air compressor do?

An air compressor ensures that your vehicle has a reliable air spring suspension system.

Compared with traditional shocks and struts, air compressors have various advantages. The first one is the driver has full control of the ride quality. Therefore, it provides you with a ride that is not stiff or rough. The second one is that you can modify the ride height, and some can even do it for you automatically. Weight management is another benefit. Normally, the air spring suspension can adjust itself to the vehicle loads without you worrying about it anymore. Traditional shocks and struts, however, have a predetermined level of rebound. That means, no matter how heavy your load is, the system sticks with it. As a result, this often leads to a sagging rear end when carrying a heavy load.

So a good airbags suspension system allows you to increase or decrease the vehicle height based on your needs. This is useful when you drive in rough conditions. For example, when you drive through deep water or uneven roads, the air ride suspension helps avoid damage to the chassis. Besides, an air spring system isolates the vehicle body from road shocks and vibrations. Without it, road shocks and vibrations are transferred to passengers and load. And that’s how air springs improve your ride comfort.

Since we know an air suspension compressor is important to an air spring suspension system. If an air ride compressor fails, it will cause the air suspension system to fail. A damaged air compressor leaves your vehicle with an unstable air spring suspension. Fortunately, when there’s something wrong with an air ride compressor, we can get some visible symptoms. The existence of the issues below tells you to have your air suspension fixed as soon as possible.

Air ride compressor maintenance

As you may have heard that replacing an air ride compressor is pricey. Also, it is a headache to deal with an air ride compressor issue. Hence, learning how to keep your compressor in a good condition is vital.

Warning signs of potential air leaks are your first concern. Check on the airbags and airlines regularly. Testing on it is pretty hard for non-professional, but you can tell when your vehicle’s height is becoming lower. Pay more attention to how your vehicle sounds like. Unusual noises often indicate problems. As previously mentioned, getting a new compressor is costly, so proper maintenance will save you a fortune.

But we recommend you to have a regular check-up, having your compressor and the whole air suspension system inspected. A professional mechanic can tell you the problems your car has and offer you some solutions. Yes, it is not cheap. But in the long run, it saves money if you get the minor issues fixed timely. Otherwise, mild issues end up with more serious problems. As important as an air compressor is in a pneumatic suspension system, it’s significant to get these problems fixed once you notice any.

Once your air ride compressor goes wrong, you should call for help from professional mechanics. Before anything worse happens to you or your vehicle, it’s wiser to get the problem solved. For further information about air suspension compressors or air suspension pump solutions, try vigor air ride suspensions. They get you covered for sure. Vigor air suspensions works hard to provide consumers with products and services that live up to cutting-edge automotive technology. It is safe to say that their goods are as fine as the original spare parts.

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