10 College Memories You Can’t Afford to Miss

When I was in school, college life was no less than a fantasy for me. I was bored by the monotonous routine of my school. I used to get up early in the morning because the school van was waiting for me. My life was following a headache schedule. After returning from school, I used to charge myself for another non-stop journey. After school, tuition, homework, and playing ground were the next station for me. Although my school life was as good as someone’s college life, still college memories were fascinating for me.

I liked to go to college to get rid of diehard school life. I was anxiously waiting for my college life. Eventually, I started living in my dream life; my college life. I have a lot of memorable things about college life. This article will enlist the ten most amazing things from my college life and tell you why students should never miss them.

College life is too short with the learning ideas, and the load of responsibilities is endless. So, try to make memories with friends and teachers at your college, as life will never be as fascinating as in college walls. You will live only once, so never miss few things in your life.

Making friends

At school, you were very young to learn about life. At that time, you don’t know what life is?  But you must understand what life means is, how to live it, and how to enjoy it? While in university life or professional life, you are coping with lots of responsibilities from society or family. Apart from school and university life, college life is the liveliest part of your life; you have the energy to arrange hangouts with friends. You can make a friend circle for group studies and night overs. Most of you have time to chit-chat with your dozens of friends. This is the essence of college memories. So, if you ever had such activities in your college life, you enjoyed that active part of your life.

Being social

In school life, you cannot go out with friends. In many families, the parents are often not comfortable permitting you to explore the world. But at the college level, you have the liberty to choose your way. Moreover, you can add some flavor to your tiring study schedule by planning adventurous tours. Hence, being social and friendly are essential features needed to make college life memorable.

Learning at a next level

If you are a book lover and find peace in exploring the world of knowledge, college life is ideal for you. In college life, you have a chance to learn at the next level. Take part in quiz competitions, poster competitions, and other curricular actives. These activities will help you a lot in answering the most versatile question in the world.

  • Who am I?
  • What can I do?
  • What is the purpose of my life?

In other words, to make your college memories the best part of your life, you must be aware of your inner potentials. Self-recognition and positive self-perception in college life can grant you even unachievable things in life.

College events

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, your participation in every big or small event occurring at the college is a tip you should never miss to make college life memorable. Let us take my example; I was an extrovert.  I loved to participate in every concert and debate festive. This practice made me the most prominent student in my college. I felt the honor of appreciation; hence I loved to go to college. I was energetic enough to maintain a deliberate balance between co-curricular activities and burdensome examination. From my college life experience, I must say that no one should miss the chance to live like a pro at his college life.

Peer to peer learning

The complexity of the human brain does not alter from person to person. But, every person has their own learning capacities. Therefore, the practice of learning something from a person with the same intellectual abilities enhances the learning outcomes. So, an important thing that a student must never miss during college life is ‘learn something valuable from your peer.’


An exciting thing about college life is you are no more a mommy’s boy. At the college level, you have the freedom to make your own decisions. At this level, you are intelligent enough to learn from your bad experience and make your good experiences a habit. Daily meet-ups with new people can help you learn valuable things from others’ experiences. If you have not missed the chance of becoming an all-rounder, then congratulation; you will have a brighter future ahead.

The richest person without money

At the time of college, students don’t have money. But, still, they used to spend hours in the college canteen. In college memories, a student is the only richest person who doesn’t have money. Apart from the joke, this is true in reality. The time you share a packet of snacks with dozen of fellows around you is the real happiness. This happiness is an unforgettable memory that no one should miss.

Satisfaction of becoming the teacher’s Pet

Taking sports and studies side by side not only increases your fame but will also make you a teacher’s pet. Only those students can enjoy the satisfaction of becoming a teacher’s favorite student who has the potential to manage both sports and studies simultaneously. This task is a little bit difficult, but if you have the potential to address both, you will surely live the most memorable part of your life.

Trying to remember teachers by taking their signs on a diary; Autographs

Most of us have memories of taking autographs from our teachers. Autographs are indeed a good practice. At one of the few last days of college memories, students roam around to take autographs from their favorite teachers. In autographs, teachers give good wishes for the future ahead. A diary containing teachers’ remarks about a student’s life is the most memorable gift a student can ever have.


As farewell is the ceremony of saying goodbye to your seniors, it is the most memorable part that one should never miss. The farewell is the event where you can shake hands with students and teachers you never liked during the whole session. The purpose of farewell is to teach you the real meaning of the phrase ‘Let bygones be bygones.’

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