Positive Effects of Stress

Seems very strange but yes there are really some positive effects of stress on students but before knowing those positive effects we will have to understand stress and its effects. Stress is a physical reaction to a person’s emotions and that can happen in positive events also like selection in engineering or in negative events also like loss in business. When a person becomes restless thinking on any issue then his blood pressure rises and he comes under anxiety and depression due to stress. These days students have a lot of stress. They are burdened under several types of pressure like their performance on academic level, expectations of parents, mentors and peer group for achieving good marks in exams and securing good positions. Though these days students have a lot of facilities like learning management system for learning as school management software is that tool which manages school properly and teachers get chance to concentrate on teaching and help the students still students are suffering from stress due to the high bench mark in the education field set by toppers, nowadays students are not learning for knowledge but for position and grades. Students have a wrong mentality that they can study more and better at night, that’s why they wake up at night and study. Being young and enthusiastic they don’t feel much about but later they get very serious results of this habit. So, taking proper sleep gives some very good benefits to the students among which there are reduction in stress, mood gets lightened, a better memory level and a cheerful mental status.

Stress is like a spice as when spice is added to any dish in the right proportion then the dish becomes tasty and if not then it ruins the dish. This same theory applies to stress also, beyond the limits it becomes a bone of contention but when stress is in manageable condition then it inspires the students. A good proportion of stress in the life of students gives them motivation to achieve their goals. For example, if a student is not aware of the term LMS full form and is afraid that he may be asked about it in the exam, then he/she will prepare about and will write everything about it along with LMS full form. Such positive effects create something enthusiastic in the students and make them do very strange and beneficial things for their academic career like improving the lifestyle and studying pattern, fighting for justice or taking leave from hectic life of academics. A very managed level of stress makes the brain of humans emit such hormones which strengthen the neurons of the brain which inspires the students to boost up their productivity and concentration so that they can achieve their academic goals. When the human body responds towards stress of any kind then it prepares the body and mind to fight against what is about to come doesn’t matter bad or worst and emits such chemicals in the mind which helps regulate the immune system which provides a temporary defence mechanism. This proves that our body has its own defence mechanism which activates when a limited amount of stress presses the mind and gives it the inspiration to move forward with more effort. 

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Students have to deal with stress daily in their daily life and they try to manage it also in their own ways and with their all efforts when they acquire control on their stress and become able to manage it then students become more habitual to handle such situations and overcome it also. After this when again and again such situations come on the students and they keep on handling the situation again and again, then handling such manageable stressful situations repeatedly students develop both physical and psychological sense of control and achieve their academic goals in adverse situations also. Usually, students feel stressed when they face something new and stress pushes a human to change, fight back, grow and adapt to the positive changes. Whatever happens in life, even the good happenings also press some stress. For example, attending a new class is stressful but when students adapt to it, the same class changes him/her from a jolly student to a nervous student.

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