4 Biggest Reasons to Consider Posting Billboards in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the cities in Australia where you can successfully start a business. Victoria’s capital city has abundant natural resources from the mines, including iron ore, gold, lead, nickel, zinc, uranium, zircon, among other riches. But aside from mining, plenty of businesses operate in the city to serve a total of 5,159,211 residents. Companies compete with each other to be on top of the market. Entrepreneurs use different advertising strategies like setting up billboards in Melbourne to attract their target market.  

Billboard sites are prevalent in Melbourne, particularly in the CBD, Southbank, Footscray, and Yarraville. You will also find plenty of billboards placed in Surrey Hills and Springvale. According to a previous study, it is not surprising since outdoor advertising strategies like billboards reach at least 83.3% of Australians every month. But during the day and age when social media has become an efficient and convenient way to advertise, plenty of businesses are now thinking twice about investing in billboards in Melbourne. If you wonder if billboards are still effective for your business, these reasons will convince you to consider this outdoor marketing strategy. 

Reason #1: Billboards are Highly Visible

Billboards are often strategically placed in intersections and other busy roads in Melbourne. It means everyone who passes through it can see the message posted clearly. The eye-catching display will capture your attention. Unlike social media and digital advertising, where people choose whether they want to click on it or not, everyone will notice the message each time they pass by.

Reason #2: Billboard Works 24/7 

If you place an ad on TV or radio, your target market will only notice it each time the advertisement goes on air. The same is true in social media or search engines because people can only see it while browsing their devices. But billboards in Melbourne can display your message all day and night. So while its message is shorter than other ad forms, the copy may stay longer in people’s minds, especially if they pass by all the time. 

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Reason #3: Billboard Placements Can Be Customised 

You can choose where you want your billboards placed and the message you want to convey. For example, your brand wants to target busy salarymen and business executives. So you can ask your billboard advertising service provider to build a billboard in the Melbourne CBD. Meanwhile, you may set up your billboard in Carlton and Brunswick if your target audiences are students. You may also choose to place the billboard on freeway exits or intersections if you want more people to see your message all the time.  

Reason #4: Billboards Boost Brand Awareness

Billboards are hard to miss, especially if you put them in a good location. It may not give you the type of response or interaction like other advertising strategies. Still, they may leave a powerful message and build brand awareness, especially since people see your billboard every time they pass by. You only need to ensure that your agency will create catchy and remarkable billboards to keep your brand on top of your target market’s minds. 

Posting billboards can help promote your company’s name efficiently in Melbourne. This marketing strategy will give you the exposure you need without spending too much money and resources like other advertising strategies. So once you are ready to launch a billboard in one of the busy streets in Melbourne, you must start looking for the best outdoor advertising agency to help you do the job. 

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