5 Best FM Portable Speakers in India

If music is all that you have on your mind, you simply cannot miss having a Bluetooth speaker. A Bluetooth speaker is definitely a must-have for the modern lifestyle. It is a portable and convenient option that you can carry along with you anywhere you go. The portable speakers are small, but that does not affect the sound quality you get. There are various brands and features with amazing technologies that can actually help in having an amazing musical experience. Groovin’ the music with the best Bluetooth soundbar. It will help you discover the best experience so that you will have all the excitement and musical enjoyment. Here are some of the best portable speakers in India and the features that you look out for.

The top 5 portable speakers

  • LG LK72B Bluetooth Speaker with Carbon Woofer: Forget ugly wires with the wireless soundbar from LG. It comes with a 40W sound quality so that you can enjoy all kinds of music. This is a great one to pair up with your television so that you can enjoy any kind of content. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can simply connect, share and play. Get this model and tune into an amazing sound so that you feel amazed and enjoy it.
  • LG SJ3 2.1Ch 300W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (Black with Adaptive Sound Control)This LG model has been the most popular and recommended one. It comes with Bluetooth and there is no need for any messy wires and connectivity. You can enjoy wireless music by connecting it with your television and other devices. Bring home this amazing choice to enlighten your mood instantly.
  • LG XBOOM RL2: The 300W is loud and does not go by the portable size of this model. It comes with adaptive sound control and gives you the perfect sense of quality sound and performance. The carbon woofer gives you an amazing experience in the audio range and you would love to play any sort of music.
  • LG XBOOM: At the best price point, the LG XBOOM is an all-time favourite and popular music system for the home. You will love this model for its amazing sound quality, and you will love the experience. It is black in colour and is ideal for surrounding the music from your television.
  • LG PH1: You can easily connect it with Bluetooth or an aux cable. This gives you the best experience of enjoying all the different ranges of music. You can easily integrate it with your flat-screen television and enjoy all types of content.

Features of a portable speaker

Versatile portability: Bluetooth speakers are available in various sorts of shapes and sizes, with temporary clips and flexible handles to suit your perfect lifestyle. For instance, the LG Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a convenient clip for clipping onto your belt, backpacks, and bags. You will find pill-shaped speakers or small ones that can be easily carried from one place to another. It is easy to carry. The portability of a Bluetooth speaker makes it the best choice for music lovers.


If you decide to attend a party that is taking place beside the pool or on a beach, you may spill over water on your speakers. Water-resistance is the only water insurance that helps you protect all the speakers that produce amazing sound quality. You will need this, as you cannot restrict yourself from having all the fun. A speaker is definitely the best thing that can keep you going for any party that you arrange.

Rechargeable battery

A Bluetooth speaker comes with a rechargeable battery. Gone are the days when you had to use non-rechargeable batteries when the need to get a new one comes up every now and then. You can now easily charge your battery and your music is on. The minimum battery life is 12 hours and the maximum will depend upon your usage. Check out the LG models. They offer a minimum of 24 hours of battery life.


A little wear and tear I’d always allowed when you opt for a Bluetooth speaker. It will keep you going with durability, where you will not face any consequences if your speakers are a little rugged or have some wear and tear. When you go for an LG Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone, it will be durable. You will be able to enjoy all the music for a good number of years without making a new investment.

Nowadays, a fun party addition to a Bluetooth speaker is the lighting or water-lighting effect. They come with party additions like lighting and dancing effects. It will keep you immersed in fun so that you can have the best feeling of listening to your favourite music.

Finishing up

You can explore a wide range of the best portable speakers in India that produce the best sound quality. A Bluetooth soundbar is a good option to connect with any device and enjoy the perfect sound quality.


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