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7 Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do While In Quarantine

A birthday party is an important occasion for many people. These annual moments serve as a celebration of life and milestones achieved all throughout the year. It also allows you to enjoy feeling special and being showered with love and appreciation by everyone around you. And because this is different for everyone, different preparations are also being made to celebrate it.

From purchasing catering services for parties to traveling abroad, there is a variety of ways to enjoy each birthday. One of the most important aspects of celebrating is to make it personal for you. This helps you enjoy a day that is memorable not only for you but for everyone you are sharing your moments with.

These birthday plans, however, might not be the same anymore. Because of the limitations brought by the pandemic in 2020, physical distancing protocols and travel restrictions are required to be followed at all times. This does not mean that birthdays can no longer be celebrated. In fact, you can have a great one even without leaving your home.

There are plenty of things to do at home while in quarantine. You just need a little bit of creativity and innovativeness to find out which would be best for you. At the end of the day, it does not matter where you celebrate your birthday but who you are celebrating it with.

And so, here are some quarantine-friendly birthday party ideas you can try:

Have a Music Streaming Party

Do an Indoor Music Party

Although it might seem personal, listening to music can actually be a great social activity. It works well in connecting people and so, music can also be seen as the life of a party. While physical distancing is strictly enforced in many parts of the world, having fun is still possible through music.

If you wish to celebrate your birthday with friends and family, you can simply create a music playlist. Do this on any of the music streaming platforms available to you and make it accessible to them. This way, you might not be together physically, but you can vibe with the songs together all at the same time.

Play Online Games

Play Online Games

There is no better way to experience the fun than by playing games. Online games are known for being able to connect people from different places and even different time zones. This means that everyone can enjoy the same thing in the comfort of their homes without having to travel to be with you.

Playing games online is also a good celebration option if you want to be more adventurous. This is good if you are celebrating with more tech-savvy people. It can make everyone excited, pumped up, and have a great time. This takes gaming on a level that is safe yet communal at the same time.

Do a Movie Marathon

Have a Movie Marathon

If you are a film junkie who enjoys re-watching your favorite movies or discovering new ones, then movie marathons might be for you. You can also enjoy them even with just the people you are currently quarantining with. 

You can re-watch your favorite childhood movie, get emotional with a tearjerker film, or experience an adrenaline rush with good old slasher films. Regardless of the genre, a good watching experience is always a memorable moment for everyone.

You can take your movie marathons a step further to make it more special by preparing tasty snacks everyone will love. With this, you can enjoy a day that is relaxing and entertaining at once. It is just like treating yourself to an extra special rest day with your loved ones.

Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Virtual birthday parties have been rising in popularity ever since lockdowns were implemented around the globe. Not only does virtual birthday parties give more flexibility for people but it also makes everyone’s day at home more enjoyable. Ultimately, birthdays are also fun when celebrated with your loved ones is virtual parties are your best bet to make it happen on your special day.

With a virtual birthday party, you can prepare games and activities everyone can participate in in the comforts of their home. The party can be more fun if you allow everyone to utilize the things in their household. This makes your party more interactive and personalized for you and everyone attending. With this, you are still enjoying the essence of normal parties – to have a good time with everyone around you.

Try a Distant Food Party

Try a Distant Food Party

Celebrating your birthday might be the day where you enjoy all your favorite foods at the same. So, your birthdays might be all about keeping a full and healthy tummy. This might be a feast for your endorphins to keep you feeling happy. Sharing your favorite foods with your friends and family is also a meaningful way to share your special day with them. Eating is considered a social activity for similar reasons.

If you are celebrating your birthday away from loved ones, you can cook your specialty dish and get them delivered right to their front door. If cooking is not your strong suit, ordering is also an option. The most important reminder when it comes to sharing food is that you are showing your thoughtfulness and generosity towards the people who mean the most to you.

Send E-Invitation Cards

Send E-Invitation Cards

Communication has become easier with the help of the internet and social media. Thus, you can definitely get the most from these innovations by incorporating them into your birthday. The past couple of years might be tough and busy for everyone adjusting to their new lives prompted by the pandemic. You cannot expect everyone to be looking forward to your birthday at all times.

Sending e-invitation cards through social media or email gives them the idea that they are in your thoughts. This will show your appreciation to them – this is a major mood booster for everyone. You do not have to prepare for anything extra or fancy. As long as you deliver them your invitation to celebrate with you in any way, your birthday can be special. 

You can take this a step further by making each invitation personalized and writing everyone’s notes and messages. At the end of the day, birthdays are about celebrating life. Some people deserve appreciation for having an important part in your life.

Make Something Fun

Make Something Fun

You can celebrate your birthdays by doing something fun at home and doing something “fun” can be as simple as doing the tasks that might be common for you. Try learning a new recipe, cooking your specialty dish, or baking a cake. You can also try working on DIY projects that you can use to either give to your loved ones or decorate your home with. 

By making something new on your special day, you get to be reminded of being productive. This helps in learning a new set of skills and other things. This is also representative of your growth and self-improvement for another year you are given with. This can also spark inspiration and motivation in the future, so that is a win-win.

Key Takeaway

Birthdays are important occasions in someone’s life. This special day allows you to celebrate each achievement you are able to accomplish each year as well as appreciate the things and people around you.

While this year can be challenging for people to celebrate birthdays because of heightened risks against everyone’s health and safety, having fun at home is still an option that should not be overlooked.

There are countless ways to celebrate at home. All you need is a vivid imagination to make an enjoyable and memorable experience for you and the people you care about the most. Reflecting on it, birthdays are all about people. So, your environment and the circumstances you face should not hinder you to have fun.

By learning how to utilize your resources and being adventurous to try new things, your birthday celebrations can be just as meaningful as what you are used to.

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