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Maintaining the car in good condition is crucial for smooth running and extending its life span. When there is no proper upkeep, the car’s parts get damaged easily. Even with good care, some features need to be substituted periodically. Some parts need replacement after a predictable time, and failing to do it can cause severe damage to the vehicle. While buying spare parts, it is essential to buy genuine parts like holden parts.

Parts that should be changed periodically are

Battery: Battery is crucial, and without it, the car is dead. A battery lasts for three to five years, and its life is reduced when the vehicle is used in an area that experiences high temperatures.

Tires: A car’s tires need to be good to burn less fuel, drive safely in rain and snow, and avoid tire blowout. Generally, tires last for five to seven years.

Air filter: The air filter keeps the dirt out of the engine and helps it run efficiently for a longer time. Changing the air filter depends on the amount of dust in the area in which the car is used.

Brake pads: Brake pads get worn out every time they are used, and brake pads are changed once in three to five years. When brake pads are worn out, screeching noise is heard when the brake is applied.

Lights: Headlights help drive at night, and blinking lights are used in signals. Lights need to be changed once every 1000 hours of operation.

Spark plugs: Spark plugs are needed to run the engine. Clean and intact spark plugs are the best, and dirty and damaged spark plugs lead to starting troubles and slow acceleration. 

Wiper blades: Wiper blades help to drive in rain and snow. Streaks in the windshield indicate that wiper blades need a change.

Alternator: The alternator is used to charge a car battery, and it needs to be changed after five or six years of driving.

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Types of spare parts

OEM car spare parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM spare parts are manufactured by the same company that made the car’s original parts. OEM spare parts are manufactured using the same machinery and precision and provide perfect finish, fit, and function. OEM spare parts come with a warranty.

OES car spare parts

Original Equipment Supplier or OES spare parts are similar to OEM spare parts in function and authenticity. OES spare parts are made in different assembly lines than OEM spare parts. They are developed with equal precision and detail and have exact specifications as OEM. And, their quality is as good as OEM.

Aftermarket car spare parts

Aftermarket car spare parts are a replacement for OEM and OES parts. Their quality and price differ from the OEM/OES parts, and they are bought for cost-saving purposes. Some manufacturers make superior-quality aftermarket car spare parts.

Why genuine parts are the best

Genuine parts fit the car best without leaving any unsightly gaps. The parts are reliable, make the vehicle look good, and give the best performance. They protect the vehicle, provide long life and become a good investment.

Each genuine part manufactured by a certified company is tested in extreme conditions. The pieces go through many hours of robust, exhaustive tests to ensure the car is safe even when used in extreme conditions.

Maintenance of a vehicle is good only when the parts replaced are genuine. Genuine parts add to the safety and integrity of the car and ensure a good resale value. Non-genuine parts do not have the safety attributes of authentic parts.

The genuine parts are precisely the same as those that need to be replaced, and they are of the same quality as the original parts in the car and provide the same performance.

Genuine parts can stand the test of time, and the wear and tear of the genuine spare parts are the same as that of the original parts. The vehicle’s life is extended, and non-genuine parts shorten its life.

Genuine car spare parts like holden parts are of high quality, durability, factory-certified, and their performance is similar to that of the original parts. The car’s life is extended, and performance is enhanced when quality spare parts are used.

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