Do you just want a simple room air conditioner?

The old fashioned window or wall Window Air Conditioner Service can be the perfect way to get a good night’s sleep during a heatwave or simply to cool down the living room or kitchen.

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First, let’s deal with the name. If you put it in a window, it’s a window air conditioner. Sometimes the unit is built into the wall and then, of course, it’s a wall air conditioner. So you will see them called window wall air conditioners. Another name is box air conditioner, which refers to the shape. To cover all bases for searches on the internet, they are even called window wall box air conditioners.

The benefits of window air conditioners are related to their simplicity. As a tried and tested technology, you can be completely confident they will perform the job of keeping you cool. The installation is pretty straightforward and the units themselves are definitely an affordable refrigerated air conditioning option.

Metropolitan Air Conditioning can supply and install any brand of window wall air conditioner you want and we can take away any old one. You don’t have to upgrade to a split system, especially if you have a wall air conditioner that is up for replacing in a small room.

Window Air Conditioner Service and Repairs

Window air conditioners are quite enduring devices that last for a surprisingly long time. But they do need regular maintenance to perform at their best, heating and cooling your home. The most important thing to do is also something anyone can do and that is clean the filter.

The number one enemy of the smooth operation of your window air conditioner is dirt. It affects the efficiency of the evaporator coil and can jam the fan. It also blocks the drain. A service of your window air conditioner includes a thorough clean of the whole unit and a check of the major components. You can get such a service from Metropolitan. Metropolitan also repairs window air conditioners when it is feasible to do so.

It all depends on the age, brand and model that you have. A more recent unit may just need a part replaced, but the older a unit is, the less likely the part will still be available and the more likely any repair will be an expensive short term patch-up that will fail. If the unit has seriously failed and a major component is broken, replacement of the whole unit is usually a much more cost effective option. An up-to-date box air conditioner is more energy efficient and effective and will be the best long term heating and cooling solution.

We’ve all seen DIY air conditioner installations with bits of plywood clumsily plugging the gaps. There is no need to go to a whole lot of trouble for an indifferent result like that. Getting an experienced professional from Metropolitan Air Conditioning to install it for you is a much better option.  That way it will look reasonable and be properly secure. We can even put a new powerpoint in the best location so that you are not running cords along the floor. One of the drawbacks of window air conditioners is that they can be a point of entry for burglars. Metropolitan can ensure that it isn’t a weak point by installing it with this in mind.

Metropolitan’s window air conditioner installation can happen at any time that is convenient for you. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That includes weekends and public holidays. We can even be out to your place in less than an hour*. And there are no worries about extra charges for after hours. Our rates are always the same.

Window Air Conditioner Price

Window air conditioner prices are at the lower end of the air conditioning affordability range. If you are on a tight budget they are a good choice. At Metropolitan Air Conditioning our policy is to provide fixed prices on all products and services.

Once you agree to the price there will be no surprise extras appearing on the bill. Further good news is that Metropolitan can set you up with an interest free payment plan**. Because there are zero deposit schemes on offer, you can have a new air conditioner happily humming away keeping you cool while you have not yet spent a cent. The payment arrangements can match your cash flow with the choice of paying by the week or the fortnight.

So there’s no need to keep sweating and losing sleep. You can have a new window air conditioner cooling you whenever you like. Contact Metropolitan Air Conditioning now and your cooling needs be sorted shortly.

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