How To Hook Your Solar Panels To The Grid And Utility Company In Gold Coast, Qld?

When it comes to hooking your solar panels to the grid and utility companies in Gold Coast, Qld, Green Spark electrical and Solar install and maintain your solar panels to ensure they run as smoothly as possible. Gold Coast residents are subjected to the highest electricity bills without a solar system.

Permits And Licenses

The bigger the area you want to implement the power plant, the more approvals are needed. You have to constantly deal with varied government agencies to get those approvals. If the installation is for domestic purposes, the permits can be divided into electrical permits and building permits. 

Electrical Permits

It starts with applying to the electrical department with application fees. Then a thorough process of verification takes place from their end. The discom companies then allow consumers to choose from different solar power installers and guide them. 

If you are eligible for it, you will also be going through the Net Metering facility. After this process is completed, a signed agreement takes place between the customer and the discom. 

The agreement should specify the financial arrangement, net metering facilities, and if there are any other facilities. After installing the solar panel, the discom has every right to test and approve the standard compliance of the rooftop plant before sanctioning the project.

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Building Permits

The rooftop owner of the flat, complex, or house needs to connect with the relevant state building officer.

They will send an inspector to visit your house or building to verify the installation process and issue the building permit on-site. It has been seen mostly that they skip this step for residential buildings. It is verified chiefly for businesses.  

Ground-mounted solar power plants permit

The electrical and building permits are done for rooftop solar power plants. The ground-mounted solar power plant process is a little different. There are a lot of additional approvals needed in these cases, such as clearance from forest departments. 

Approval for MNRE for tax exemptions, environment clearance from the pollution department, Approval for sewage treatment plans, contract labor license from the labor department, and fire safety certification from the fire department. 

You will be ready to start your solar journey after getting approvals from multiple levels on multiple things. Green Spark Electrical and Solar ensures the smoothest solar maintenance. 

Feed-In Tariffs And Rebates

There are numerous tariffs and rebates benefits provided by solar panels. The solar import tariff has drastically reduced over the years. 

In 2019, it was 25%. In 2020, it was 20%, and in 2021, it came down to 15%. It is expected to go down further in the coming years. 

Previously the federal tax credit was 26%, which means for every $1000 invested, expect a $260 deduction in tax. It is expected to go down to 19% in 2022.


Why pay electricity bills when you can get it free from the sun? The more you invest initially, the more you will save. Green Sparks Electrical and Solar ensure you can take advantage of the best solar energy. 

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