10 Web Design Flaws That Are Affecting Your Digital Marketing

A well-designed website demonstrates your company’s quality and credibility. On the other side, a poorly web design can lead to a loss of customers and, eventually, adversely affect digital marketing. These errors can have an impact on your website’s traffic, lead generating conversion rates, and ROI. It is essential to give keen attention to the website design to maintain its integrity and marketing efforts. We have gathered 10 website flaws that need to consider while designing to make the website user-friendly. There are many websites such as Designviva, that can create your website flawlessly for you. 

Here they are – 

Poor navigation 

When it comes to web design it is not just about the visual appearance of your site. It entails both usability and efficiency. Website navigation is one of the most common areas where designers make mistakes. The most common mistake people make when setting navigation is; Misplaced, hidden or too much stuff and so on. Don’t try to reinvent them; simply provide them with the information user seek in the manner they choose. A website design that has direct navigation that takes your visitors to the right part. This ultimately helps convert them into loyal customers. 

Content that is difficult to comprehend

Content is an important portion of any website and marketing strategy. It’s because the content will define whether or not you get traffic and generate leads. For example, if your website content is too dense, potential buyers who aren’t clear what they’re supposed to be looking at or focused on may leave.  Avoid giving visitors needless details, especially on your most popular pages and landing pages. The key to making this happen is to provide information that is clear, simple, and relevant.

No headings

Headers would be the first thing that visitors to your website noticed. Adding extra than one h1 tag, inserting entire paragraphs within header tags, and formatting contents other than headings are all examples of header flaws. Headers inform your readers about the contents of the pages. When implemented properly, it can aid in the advancement of your SEO efforts. Instead, it would be a massive failure.

Poor selection of font styles

Pay close attention to the typefaces you select. So many font types appear sloppy and amateurish. This becomes hard for people to determine what is necessary. In most cases, two to three typefaces are adequate to provide stability on your website. People will not stay on a website that appears unprofessional. It’s critical to pick the right font size and style for your viewers and to ensure that they can read your content comfortably. Typeface reflects your brand image, so choose a legible and appealing font.

Unfriendly mobile design

Mobile phones account for half of all website traffic all around worldwide. Making a site mobile-unfriendly and not paying attention to page speed are two common blunders individuals make with their website. As a result, if your website does not look nice on mobile phones, users will most likely abandon it. Thus, making your website mobile-friendly is critical. A mobile-friendly website will provide a positive user experience for users, which will aid you to rank better in SEO.

 Noxious pop-ups

Pop-ups can generate more revenue than other sorts of businesses. A relevant pop-up can be useful, but not if it becomes obstructive to the visitor’s experience. A site should not contain too many pop-ups because they divert a browser’s interest away from the content and are frequently dismissed. Pay close attention to pop-up windows. While they’re making a comeback, make sure they’re easy to close and don’t take up the entire screen. The ideal way to design your pop-ups is to employ them at the proper time.

 Unclear CTA

It’s the same as missing out on conversions if you don’t have clear calls to action. CTAs that are clear and relevant convert visitors into clients. When users visit a website, call-to-action buttons encourage them to take action. There need to be enough detail about what will happen if they choose one of the options. Make your CTA simple and straightforward to use. Users may find it irritating if they become puzzled when browsing the website.

Bad Picture Quality 

It’s a proven fact that visuals attract more attention than words, but if they’re of bad quality, they can also drive users away. Poor pictures might make your website look ridiculous. Also, many photos on the site will take a longer time to load. Thus, it is necessary to select accurately and with higher quality. You can use image optimizing tools to minimize the size of your images and place them in the proper format to get the most out of them. The use of incorrect formats is also a common web design error.

 Slow Website Speed 

You will most likely lose a user if your site takes too long to load. One of the most important factors in determining whether a visitor will leave your website or stay on your website is the speed with which it loads. Your site’s speed also has an impact on your search engine results. However, Simple tools and programmers can help control loading times and boost traffic and website ranking. For example, you can turn your media to adaptive media, employ caches, or eliminate adverts to help improve page load speed. 

Lack of contact information 

Apparently, failing to include contact information is another common mistake. Customers may become frustrated and depart if they are unable to contact you when they need to. This reflects negatively on your company and may have a negative impact on earnings. As a result, you’ll need to create a “Contact Us” page with all of the pertinent information. It should be prominently displayed, linked from every page, and provide a clear way for users to contact your company.

Final words

Addressing the aforementioned web design flaws will enhance your visitors’ experience, resulting in more sales, a higher site rating, and a powerful brand image. A website is essential since it serves as a virtual storefront or office. At any cost, you simply cannot afford for it to be flawed. So these are main factors which are affecting your digital marketing


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