How to Organise Your Bathroom Vanity? 

Maybe you had countertop clutter in your bathroom. So, you have spent or want to spend money on creating a cabinet to store all your vanity items. Indeed, a vanity will help you organise, but you need to understand what things to put in it. 

Vanity cabinets can have shower supplies, pieces of jewellery, and makeup, but you cannot have non-waterproof equipment. Hence, you need to clear out the junk and organise the items.

Organising vanities are accessible if you know what things to store. But, if you do not, read on to boost your knowledge about what goes in the vanity and what does not. 

Store These items in Your Vanity 

There are some items specially made for your vanity or bathroom. For example, you always use shampoo or your toothbrush in this room. However, you would want these to be readily accessible; hence putting them in vanity cabinets makes sense. 

You can store hair products too, but keeping hairdryers or straighteners might not be viable. Even then, here are some products that you should keep in your vanity: 

  • Toiletries: Toothpaste, mouthwash, moisturisers, toothbrush, eye cream, etc. 
  • Shower Supplies: Shaving cream, soap, shampoo, body lotion shampoo, razors, and conditioners. 
  • Towels: Hand towels, face cloth, and wet towels. 
  • First Aid Kit and Toilet Paper 

You might generally use these items regularly, so it would be wise to keep them at hand. This way, you can easily reach for the items without ravaging through your countertop. 

(Maybe) Store These in The Cabinet 

Unlimited space in your vanity cabinets is a myth. Maybe you can distribute some items with the linen closet to gather extra space. However, if you do not have that, you can store some lifestyle-based items in the vanity.

  • Jewellery: Use a small tray to store your watches or earrings. 
  • Special Makeup: You can put some makeup products away from your makeup bags for special occasions.  
  • Linens: You might store bedding and linens in the bathroom. 

Along with these, you could maybe store some magazines for regular reading when you are in the bath. 

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Do Not Store Such Items in Your Vanity 

There are some things that you should keep away from your bathroom vanity. It would be wise to evaluate your items and refrain from cluttering the cabinet. 

Most Australian bathrooms get steamy; hence, heat and humidity can damage sensitive items. 

  • Medications: You should keep your pills in the kitchen or your bedroom. 
  • Electronic equipment: Some products like straighteners and hairdryers are not waterproof, so keeping it in a steamy bathroom is unadvisable. 

At the same time, some essential paperwork, bills, etc., can get warped when wet, and it will damage the importance. So, it would be wise if you stored the go-to bathroom products in the vanity. 

Tip: Remember to put everything back in its place to keep the cabinet organised. 

The Bottom Line 

Vanity cabinets can only look organised if you know what to store in them. Not everything can go well with toiletries, and sometimes it is not safe.

For example, you cannot store electronic items like hair straighteners with towels. At the same time, it could be a wise decision to keep things like jewellery and makeup in the cabinet. Australia houses unique bathroom ideas, so you can take inspiration from that and create a lavatory accordingly. 

Are you ready to organise the clutter and store your vanity items? 


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