Should I Buy a Mac? 8 Things to Know About a MacBook

Did you know that more than 100 million Mac computers are being used around the globe? 

MacBooks are perfect for getting work done, having fun, and getting through your education. 

If you are wondering, should I buy a Mac, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. 

Continue reading to learn about all of the benefits of getting a Mac and what you should expect! 

  1. Ideal for Apple Products

One of the best reasons why people say yes when they get asked should I buy a Mac is that they are compatible with other products. 

MacBooks are designed to work with your tablets, phone, and watch. You can connect all of your devices so that your technology experiences are consistent and similar. If you already own an iPhone or iWatch, you should consider getting a MacBook for increased productivity and efficiency. 

Once you sign in with your Apple ID, you will get access to your photos, music, and applications. This makes it easy to use and you don’t have to search through multiple devices to find something. 

  1. Programs are User-Friendly

Finding a user-friendly laptop can be challenging with so many options on the market.

Each computer seems to have special functions and abilities. If you are looking for a laptop that is easy to use, Mac is recommended. Although you can make more customizations on Windows computers, Apple has everything already set up that you will need. 

You can do screen recording in Mac M1, take screenshots, and navigate your computer with ease. It is also easy to find applications and documents with the Spotlight feature! 

Steve Jobs’ mission at Apple was to create devices that were intuitive and easy to learn. 

  1. Expect to Pay More

Some people avoid switching to Apple for their computers because of the price tags.

Although a MacBook can cost you more than $1,000, it is still a great investment. Many people have to buy laptops every couple of years because the cheaper versions get viruses and the batteries die. 

You should expect to pay more when comparing it to other laptops but the quality is better, so you don’t need to worry about finding a replacement. Since these laptops last so long, you will get your money back. 

  1. There’s a Student Discount

If you are a college student and want to buy your first Mac, you need to let the store know.

Apple has a discount program for college students that will help lower the price on your bill. When you purchase a computer at the Apple store, let the sales associate know that you would like to use this discount.

The only thing that you will need is an active student email. You should also bring a copy of your acceptance letter if you haven’t gotten an email yet. This is a great way to make MacBooks more affordable. 

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  1. You Can Trust the Safety Features 

Whether you are worried about getting hacked, catching a virus, or losing your content, you can trust a MacBook.

MacBooks do automatic updates to the cloud to back up your storage and files. You can customize the backup plan for your computer if you want a backup to occur more frequently. MacBooks also contain several features that prevent viruses from getting into your hard drive and system. 

XProtect and Automatic Quarantine are the two antivirus software that Apple uses to keep its products running. If you look at MacBook reviews, you will discover that most people never get a virus. 

  1. Access Your Favorite Apps

Choosing computers can be difficult, but when one of them will run the same apps on your phone, it is a good choice to consider.

Nearly all of the applications for your phone, watch, and tablet can be downloaded to a MacBook. MacBooks are perfect for using applications because they come with a store that has endless games and resources. 

When you open applications on a MacBook, you typically get more customization options and abilities. Conveniently, your Mac can coordinate with your other devices so that you can access information no matter what you are using. 

  1. Select Which Style You Like

When you go to buy a MacBook, you will discover that you have two options.

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are your two selections and they have different features. The MacBook Pro is slightly larger because it has a bigger harddrive, USB ports, and some come with a CD insert. The Pro option is recommended if you need a lot of storage for work or school.

MacBook Airs weigh much less than the Pro and can do nearly everything that the other can do. This style typically comes with less storage and isn’t recommended for projects that require a lot of storage. 

  1. Excellent Battery Life

Finding a laptop that can keep up with your busy schedule is important.

It can be a good idea to invest in a MacBook if you want to trust the battery on your laptop. A new Mac will have a strong battery that can last an entire day. This makes it easy when you ar meeting hopping at work or have a busy school schedule. 

You won’t have to sit by an outlet and fight over the best seats in class to get a recharge. This is a great computer selection if you need a long-lasting battery. 

Are You Still Wondering, Should I Buy a Mac?

If you are wondering, should I buy a Mac, you should consider all of your options.

Although Mac computers cost a bit more than other laptop brands, the quality is much higher. You won’t have to purchase laptops as frequently when you get one that is intuitive, easy to use, and long-lasting. 

Don’t forget to mention the student discount when you check out, especially since these laptops don’t go on sale. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the benefits of a MacBook and how to find the best laptop for your needs! 

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