How to Park your Car like A Pro

Car owners look like the cream of the cake with all the perks of igniting the engine and reaching wherever they want to in a single hit of ignition. They are also envied for many reasons because well, let’s be honest they don’t have to suffer the creeps on subway and the rush of catching the right bus at the right time. But while the things seem great from far, car owners do have a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping their car well and alive.

A big trouble most of the people with cars face is that they have to find the best parking spot and this struggle isn’t as simple as it might seem. Getting the best parking spots has to be one of the toughest jobs especially when you are out for a day and there is no one to watch out your car. You have to live with all sorts of fear such as cops coming to get the car, theft, or even some angry bird taking their frustration out on your wind screen. If you suffer from this common but less talked issue then here are some easy ways to secure the perfect parking spot.

Get a Spot Reserve App

The world of digitalization has made everything easier. You name a thing and there is an application for that. Whether its money transfer, ordering grocery online or even getting a nice booking at your favorite restaurant, with just a series of clicks you can get all you want. So you really thought, nobody would even consider getting an app to reserve parking?

God bless that wise man and there are now various applications to help you reserve the favorite and safest parking spot. Rather than just rushing to put your vehicle in the spot you have to get working on the app and secure the place. Though these services are expensive but with the spot hero promo code you are in for a deal.

Enough Space

Don’t think of your vehicle as a tiny infant who just needs a few inches of space. No matter how much you treat your car like a baby it is a full grown vehicle with enough space requirement. To state the obvious, the parking spot you select must be large enough for your car to fit in. Remember that cars are around 50% larger than they used to be, so estimating the distance between two vehicles can be difficult. Always check your mirrors and be mindful of the size of the markings/distance between the other two cars to see whether your car will fit.

Check the Mirrors

The side mirrors aren’t just there to check whether or not your lipstick is on point but they are there for a much important reason. Okay, definitely the only reason they are there for. With the side mirrors you can check whether or not there is a car coming from behind so there is no crashing sound which you detest to hear.

Check your rearview mirror to accomplish this; you’ll be free to decide whether to let the car pass you or whether the driver will wait for you to park – but checking helps you to make sure it’s safe to park before you do so.

Check your wing mirrors and blind areas as well, especially on the side where you’ll be parking. While the rearview mirror will usually shield you from other cars approaching from behind, a bicycle, pedestrian, or motorbike may decide to overtake you if they notice you slowing down.

Practice the Parking

Just like you would experiment with different ratio of coffee bean to milk to achieve the perfect consistency parking is no less than a practice over the time. Some people are great it while some simply suck. It’s because you let the fear get the best of you. To avoid this mistake make sure you practice the parking just like they taught in the driving school, yeah the horror, we know!

Set up some cones (or other clearly visible, flexible things) the usual width of a parking place in an empty parking lot or open space. Then park and park some more to acclimate your mind and hands to driving properly. You’ll be a pro before you can say “fifth-period gym class” if you switch between vertical and parallel parking.

Right Spot

Parking might be your talent but finding the right spot is necessary. You cannot just achieve a perfect park without the proper spot. So you’ve been circling the parking lot, hoping for a place to become available. And one of them does! But it’s teeny-tiny, hardly wider than your automobile.

Trying to squeeze your car into a cramped parking spot is like to trying to get into your house through the doggy door. Sure, you might pull it off, but there will almost surely be collateral damage, and you won’t look good doing it. Learning when to give up a parking spot is a skill in and of itself. Wait for a space that is manageable.

Parking in the Perpendicular Position

One of the most common positions to park your car but with the least talk about it. A thing that is easy to one doesn’t mean must be easier for everyone. However, here is how you park in a perpendicular lot. Always keep a safe distance from other cars in the parking lot while approaching a perpendicular lot. The parking space may be on the right or left, depending on the parking lot.

On the driver’s or passenger’s side, make sure your automobile is at least 8 feet away from other cars in the parking lot. When there are no automobiles around you, make sure there is an 8-foot spacing between your car and the spots.

Use the Indicators

Again, a car accessory which is there for a reason. Turning on the signal notifies other vehicles that you’re looking for a free parking place – keep an eye out for pedestrians, automobiles, and other obstructions. You must continue driving ahead until your front bumper passes the back light of the other car near to the parking place.

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