Is Your Air Conditioning Energy Efficient?

With inflation running wild and energy costs rising every month, everyone is faced with the tall task of figuring out how they can lower their monthly expenses. With inflation affecting everything in your life, it might leave you wondering exactly where you can turn to start saving on your expenses.

Since energy costs seem to be increasing at rates higher than other costs, that might be where you want to place your attention. Here’s a question you might want to consider: Is your air conditioning system as energy efficient as it could be?

Is Your Air Conditioning System Energy Efficient?

To determine the efficiency of your air conditioning, you need to apply some kind of objective evaluation system. To start with, it’s pretty certain that any system you have that is over 5 years old is not going to be energy efficient, at least by today’s standards. Beyond the age of your system, here are some criteria you should consider:

Your Energy Bills

If your energy costs are going up, it’s going to be quite apparent when you receive your electric bill. While that’s not sufficient to evaluate the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, it’s certainly something you would want to consider. To find out whether or not there is an issue, you might want to hire a professional like Hello Fresh to perform a routine air conditioning evaluation.

Constantly Changing Temperatures Throughout the House

If your air conditioning unit is energy efficient, the thermostat should be able to keep your home at a rather constant temperature based on your settings. If you are experiencing fluctuations throughout the day, your unit is doing too much cycling work. That eats energy.

System Cycling Issues

Every time your system adjusts to the temperature outside, it will cause the unit to cycle. What you don’t want to see is the system cycling without cause. Again, the cycling function will draw energy.

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The Need to Frequently Change Filters

If your system is operating in a consistent flow, the accumulation of dust and debris in your filters should be consistent. If your filter gets dirty too often and too soon, it might be an indication your system is not operating as efficiently as possible.

What to Do If Energy Efficiency Is a Problem

If your air conditioning is costing you too much money because of energy efficiency, it might be time to think about going through a new aircon installation process. Thanks to great advancements in aircon technology, there are some true energy-efficient aircon systems out there that are worthy of your consideration.

As a point of reference, here are two types of energy-efficient aircon systems you might want to consider.

Split system air conditioner: This type of system is characterized by a compressor located outside and an inside air outlet unit. It’s highly energy efficient because it tends to keep clean air circulation and the air doesn’t have to travel through cumbersome ductwork. This is the ideal solution for the cooling of small areas.

Ducted Air Conditioning:

To cool larger areas, a ducted air conditioning unit would be the preferred option. It’s energy-efficient for large spaces because it evenly distributes cool air throughout the house. While it’s not as energy efficient as a split system air conditioner, it certainly works better for large areas that would tend to overwork a split system.

Remember, there is no guarantee energy costs are going down anytime soon. It might be the right time to investigate the energy efficiency of your current air conditioner.

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