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Mircari Review – A Review of the Japanese E-Commerce Website Mercari

Mircari is a Japanese e-commerce website. It was founded in 2013, and has offices in Japan and the United States. Its main product is the Mercari marketplace app, which launched in Japan in July 2013. The company has expanded its reach to other countries, and is now considered one of Japan’s largest online marketplaces.

Seller Protections

Mercari offers several seller protections, including the ability to ask questions about an item before making a purchase. These measures help to ensure that buyers are getting exactly what they are paying for. If an item is faulty or does not meet description requirements, Mercari will refund the buyer. In addition, the site also accepts PayPal, which has a strong buyer protection policy.

Shipping Protection

Mercari also offers up to $200 in Shipping Protection, which will cover damaged and lost items during transit. If a buyer returns a product that was damaged in transit, Mercari will reimburse the seller within 24 hours. As a result, Mercari is a safe and secure marketplace.


Mercari is a community-powered marketplace that focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use. It is based in the United States and Japan, and first launched in July 2013. It has grown to become one of the largest marketplace platforms in Japan. Unlike eBay or Amazon, Mircari focuses on individuals.

Instant Transfer & Cancellation

Mercari fees are generally small. However, if you plan to sell a high-quality item at a low price, you need to factor the fees in when pricing the product. Mercari charges a fee for instant transfer and cancellation of your listing. To avoid these fees, you may want to consider using another marketplace for your items.

Mercari has recently introduced a new fee structure. Previously, it charged a flat 10% commission on final sales. Now, it charges 2.9% + a $.30 payment processing fee. Poshmark also charges a $2 fee for bank transfers less than $10.

Shipping Options

When you’re looking to ship something from Mircari, you’ll have a variety of options. With prepaid label shipping, you can choose the size of your package, weight, and shipping method. If you’re shipping items longer than 45 inches, you can also pay an additional fee of $120. Mercari also offers $200 worth of transit insurance. This will pay for lost or stolen packages.

When you use Mercari, the shipping costs are often updated, so check them often. It is a good idea to calculate the weight of your package when calculating the costs. You may be able to get lower rates by using dimensional volume shipping.

Mercari’s Payment Processing Fee

Mercari recently announced that it will raise its payment processing fee by $0.20 per closed transaction. This fee will be applied to all purchases made on its marketplace. Although this increase is modest, it still represents a significant amount. The fee is comparable to those charged by other online marketplaces like eBay and Depop.

There are some disadvantages to Mercari’s payment processing fee. Although it isn’t high, it can cause some sellers to avoid the service. For example, it is possible that Mercari will reject a direct deposit if the seller fails to provide the correct information. In addition, Mercari limits its users to making a maximum of $500 in deposits per month. This means that some sellers may prefer to save up their earnings to make larger deposits.

Mercari’s Features

Despite the fee, Mercari’s features are similar to eBay’s. The service is easier to use than eBay. Sellers can also upload pictures and add descriptions for free. The platform also provides promotional tools.

Mercari Review – Selling on Mercari

As a Mercari seller, it’s important to build a positive seller reputation and adhere to the marketplace’s rules and guidelines. The best way to do this is to create a seller profile with sterling ratings and plenty of positive feedback. A positive seller reputation intimidates potential scammers and helps you stand out among other sellers. Additionally, Mercari offers seller protection to prevent fraudsters from defrauding you.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Mercari lets sellers choose how much they want to charge for items, which is very beneficial to beginners. Mercari also offers budget-friendly pricing, since it only charges a small fee on each sale. For example, if you sell items for $10 or less, you will only pay $2 for every transaction. Additionally, you can choose to receive your payments by direct deposit or instant payment.

Once a buyer has accepted the purchase, Mercari will release the funds within three business days. While many platforms charge sellers for promoting their items, Mercari doesn’t. In addition, Mercari’s quality assurance team closely monitors listings and conversations and takes transgressions seriously. Sellers can also use the site’s analytics page to check the sales trends for their items.

Final Words:

While Mercari’s return policy is straightforward, the platform can still be vulnerable to scams. Some sellers use misleading profiles with little or no reviews and an incredible price to lure unsuspecting buyers. To ensure that your listings are trustworthy, take extra care in writing your product descriptions, including photos and video.

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