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Tips for Creating Your Complete Jedi Costume

Every true fan of the force has, at some point, wanted to become a Jedi. However, if you’ve ever cosplayed before, you’ll know that putting together a costume that is perfect and screen-accurate is not at all easy. You’ll need to pay attention to even the smallest detail while ensuring that you have all the right props. One costume that has remained a fan favourite at cosplay events and costume parties is a Jedi costume. 

This isn’t surprising, seeing as how Star Wars has one of the largest fan-base in the world- not to mention Jedi costumes are comfortable to put together and are easily recognisable. So if you’re planning to cosplay as a Jedi for the next comic-con, Star Wars fans meet up, or Halloween, below are some tips for creating a complete Jedi costume.

You’ll Need a Lightsaber Replica

No proper Jedi cosplay is complete without a proper lightsaber. There are different ways you can incorporate a lightsaber replica to complete your Jedi costume. For a generic Jedi robe, the lightsaber you choose can be of any blade colour or hilt style. However, if you intend to cosplay a particular character, your lightsaber replica should match that character’s lightsaber colour and style. Getting a lightsaber is actually quite easy; you can buy one from online stores like Amazon, handcraft a unique one at a custom lightsaber workshop, or make your own at home. Reputable suppliers like Padawan Outpost have built an enviable reputation for realistic Star Wars props and cosplay items.

The Tunic

The tunic is the traditional centrepiece of the Jedi outfit (all Jedis and Padawans wore similar tunics), and regardless of whether you are a male or female, you can wear the same style of tunic. In terms of colo yhur, while cream and beige colours are the standards, you can actually choose to have some variation depending on your preferences. Your screen-accurate tunic should allow for free movement (swirling fabric like light cotton will work well), which means that synthetic fabrics like nylon are a no-no.  

The tunic should consist of two garments (an under-tunic and an over-tunic). The tunic underneath will have a slightly higher neckline than the one on top so as to accurately create the V-shaped layers of fabrics just like the ones worn in the movies. The tunic should also be long enough to at least reach the top of your thighs with sleeves that are not tight or fitted. The cuff of the sleeves should be flared and reach your knuckles. You’ll be needing a sash to wrap around your middle, right underneath the belt. This sash should be at least three times wider than the width of your belt, and ensure that the fastenings aren’t visible. 

If you’re a female cosplayer, you have the option of wearing a skirt under your tunic. However, if you choose to wear trousers, ensure that they are tucked into the boots and their colour matches the rest of your costume. There are many online stores where you can buy a proper tunic; however, if you choose to make one yourself, check out online patterns and videos detailing how you can easily create a tunic.

Jedi Robe

You can also buy a Jedi robe online. If you choose to make your own, the process is quite straightforward. You’ll be needing some dark brown wool fabric (for a more accurate look). If you don’t have wool, cotton also works. The robe should be flowing (reaching your ankles) with a large hood (enough material to slightly droop over your shoulders when pulled over your head) and wide sleeves (reaching your knuckles when your arm is relaxed). The robe should also have a lining (for a more accurate look). Both male and female Jedi robes are the same.


This is a vital part of any Jedi cosplay and because it is very visible, thus, choosing the right kind of belt is very important. If you’re going for a simple cosplay look, a dark belt (preferably leather) with a silver buckle worn over your tunic sash will work. However, if you’re looking to get a more accurate look, then there are some details to put in mind. 

The belt should be a thick strip of leather, minimum width of two inches, with a thin leather strip running around its center. This thin leather strip can be fixed to the main belt with some button studs. Depending on your cosplay, you can pick different styles and patterns of buckles to go in the center of the belt.

Your lightsaber, as well as matching leather pouches, should be attached to the belt. You can also attach some metallic-coloured (silver or gold) water and food capsules to the belt.


This should complete your Jedi costume. Dark coloured tall boots (motorcycle or riding boots) are the go-to choice here. The boots should be low-heeled with no visible laces or zippers. Also, ensure that the colour of your boots matches your belt.

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Putting together a Jedi costume that is complete and screen-accurate requires a lot of attention to detail. Hopefully, you find the above tips helpful in creating your Jedi costume.

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