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Think Before Installing a New Fireplace Insert for the Winter Burn Season

A fireplace insert is the best solution. This heater will help your fireplace get a makeover and decrease heating and cooling costs without the high price and inconvenience of a fireplace renovation

What is the fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is a fireplace specially designed to fit inside an existing fireplace opening. Fireplace inserts are available in a wide variety of styles, from modern and stylish designs that can make your old fireplace more contemporary to rustic designs. They have in common the self-cleaning glass doors which create a nice viewing window of the fire and increase the efficiency of the fireplace.

Purchasing power

Renovating or rebuilding an existing home is incredibly expensive and impractical. It can cost up to $ 10,000 to rebuild a brick fireplace.This means that masonry days in your home create dust and disrupt your normal life. Conversely, most fireplace inserts cost less than $ 1,000 and can be installed in a day.

Fireplace inserting advantages 

Built-in fireplaces have five main advantages that make them popular: affordability, energy efficiency, low environmental impact, alternative fuel options, and convenient features.

Less environmental impact

The high efficiency of the fireplace inserts also makes them more environmentally friendly. PA certified wood-burning fireplace inserts produce low emissions. They are designed to meet and in some cases exceed clean air standards. Whether you choose a gas, wood, or pellet stove, you can rest easy knowing that your fireplace has no negative impact on the quality of the outdoor air.

Efficiency of Energy

The average masonry fireplace has less than 10% efficiency. This means that more than 90% of the heat generated by your chimney goes over the chimney stack as opposed to heating your home. Losing heat from your chimney isn’t the main issue. In any event, throughout the spring and summer, when your chimney isn’t being used, it can make your home less energy productive by permitting blistering air to descend the chimney stack and cooled air to get outside. Accordingly, having a conventional chimney in your home can expand your energy costs all year. You can solve both problems with a fireplace insert. 

The improved venting system is connected to the fireplace insert. Its glass doors prevent drafts from outside. They also prevent hot and cold air from escaping from the chimney. Fireplace inserts are also planned to be much more efficient. Some have up to a 70% efficiency rating which means most of the heat that they produce is radiated into your home instead of escaping outside.

Substitute Fuel Options

Installing a fireplace insert is an easy way to convert your fireplace to burn other fuels. When you select a fireplace insert, you can choose between:

  • Natural gas / propane
  • Electric
  • Pilates
  • Wood

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Suitable Features

As well as being available in a wide array of different styles and fuel types, fireplace inserts also offer practical features that traditional large electric fireplaces have. Thermostat control and remote operation are two of the most popular features available with electric fireplace, gas, and pellet inserts. With a gas fireplace insert, you will have the ability to customize the display of the fire. Everything from setting the backlight to selecting the fake log set or on-screen fire glass.

How do you select the perfect fireplace insert?

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a fireplace insert is that it should fit the size of your existing fireplace hearth. We recommend that you consult a professional fireplace expert who has experience installing fireplace inserts in your area. They will measure the size of the fireplace and tell you the exact dimensions you need to look for. They can also tell you if there are types of inserts that are not compatible with your fireplace.

How do you set up a fireplace insert?

Installing a fireplace insert is not a job you should try to DIY unless you are a fireplace expert. We are not the only ones to recommend the use of an expert. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue  (HPBA) association also recommends that fireplace inserts should be installed by a certified professional. The most important reason for bringing in a professional for the installation of your fireplace insert is that they will make sure that your ventilation system is set up correctly. If your fireplace insert is improperly installed, it can present a serious risk to you and your home, especially if it does not vent properly.

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