5 Cost-effective Use Cases of Cheap VPS Hosting in India

Making the switch to a newer, more effective way of hosting your website can be tricky. Hosting is a vital part of any website’s backend. Thus, if you attempt to make any change without thinking about it properly, you might have slow site speed and high hosting costs. So, you must know your requirements first and then select the best hosting plan that fits best with your hosting perquisites. Besides all, VPS hosting is among the best options available. Here are five proven use cases for cheap VPS hosting India. Read about them to decide whether or not this would be a good option for your company.

Cheap VPS Hosting India Use Cases- Table of Content

Cheap VPS hosting services provide the perfect solution for those who want to make the most out of their bandwidth without spending too much on VPS servers. Below are the five most cost-effective use cases of cheap VPS hosting in India that are on-trend.

1.   Website Hosting

2.   Gaming Server

3.   Email Server

4.   VPN Server

5.   VoIP Solution

Now, let discuss these cheap VPS hosting India use cases in detail. So, let’s get started!

Popular Cheap VPS Hosting India Use Cases

Cheap VPS hosting plans are ideal for businesses looking for high-performance servers at the cost of managed VPS hosting. It ensures users can upgrade their hosting easily, and it’s far cheaper than other VPS plans.

Are you wondering where you can use VPS hosting? Should you go with cheap VPS hosting plans? If yes, then get ready to be amazed. This blog pens down five prominent use cases of using affordable VPS hosting plans. Let’s read about them in detail.

1.  Website Hosting

Using VPS as a web hosting server is among the standard applications for virtual servers. To implement this, one needs a web server application and an operating system on their VPS. Well, it’s among the basic requirements, as what else you need depends on the type of project you want to run online.

Since there are ample benefits of using VPS for website hosting. Still, most users consider using managed VPS hosting to manage their sites with a low traffic volume. Availability of dedicated resources in an isolated environment ensures high security for all the websites hosted on the same account. 

 2.  Gaming Server

The gaming industry is on the boom. With COVID-19 hitting the world, the online gaming industry witnesses a sudden increase in its audiences. This instance has attracted many companies to invest in this sector as it emerges as a lucrative source of income. Game servers become a potential source to reap maximum profits.

Let us consider the most popular online games on servers, such as Counter Strikes or Minecraft. With VPS, it’s easy to manage the operators, from advertisement monetizing to the membership fee and virtual sales. 

When more players are accessing a standard game server, it requires more resources to run it. Also, it’s impossible to comment on how many players want to play the same game simultaneously. With VPS, it’s easy to scale multiple resources promptly. So, whatever the case is, managed VPS hosting is a perfect fit to work as a gaming server.

3.  Email Server

Everybody uses emails, whether it’s an individual, startup, SME or large scale enterprise. Business communications aren’t possible without email, and it’s the lifeline of a business; it doesn’t matter whether you deal locally, regionally, or globally. The market is full of various email solutions, but VPS is the ideal choice if you’re hunting for greater data privacy.

More significantly, a VPS server can easily handle multiple tasks. Because of this reason, one can trust VPS to serve as an email server and a web host precisely at the same time. VPS hosting enables users to customize these features as per the need. If you want to use them separately for any reason, it’s easy to split them. It doesn’t matter whether you select a cheap VPS hosting in India or a standard VPS plan. It’s easy to manage everything.

4.  VPN Solution

VPN offers various applications, from ensuring online privacy to enabling geological blocks- it covers everything. Besides all, VPN plays a critical role in defining data security standards. VPS prefers using an encryption tunnel as a secured channel to transport the data. It’s one of the most vital characteristics that make VPN solutions an ideal choice for businesses. The additional layer of security ensures a business can operate the remote work from any location without worrying about data security.

Using a VPN solution to manage VPS hosting isn’t only cost-effective and fulfils the business’ high-security needs.

5.  VoIP Solution

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is like email, a virtual channel that many businesses prefer for communication. It’s less expensive as data is less costly than using voice lines. VoIP is the ideal solution, especially for long-distance. Whether you’re considering cheap VPS hosting in India or you are going with a standard plan, implementing VoIP solutions directly to VPS costs less. It’s the perfect solution if you’re using it for large amounts of data.

Besides low-cost benefits, adding VoIP services ensures greater customization. Setting the initial phone configuration is all that you need.


The use cases mentioned above are only a few possibilities of selecting a cheap VPS hosting plan are among a few possibilities. With VPS, you are getting the absolute power of a server. Thus, how you are going to use it depends on your choices. If you choose VPS to host your site, then you have many options. Managed VPS hosting is more secure than shared. The only thing that separates a managed VPS from a dedicated VPS server is that two or more people can use the same VPS simultaneously.

But, what are some of the benefits of using a cheap VPS hosting service? Will it impact my website’s performance? How can cheap VPS hosting enhance your business? If you still have any doubt, contact Go4hosting – one of the most reliable service providers offering cheap VPS hosting in India.

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