5 Small Business Invoicing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One of the most important aspects of running a business is issuing invoices. Without them, your customers won’t know how much they owe you. 

To make sure your invoices get where they need to go so you can get paid on time, it’s crucial that they’re error-free. Something as simple as a bad item description or sending an invoice to the wrong person could set your company back.

We can help you avoid the small business invoicing mistakes that could cause your company to crumble out from under you. Check out this guide for tips and pointers on managing invoice bills.

  1. Sending Out Invoices Late 

We get it, you’re busy managing your business. You get so caught up in all the tasks to keep your company afloat that you forget about the important stuff. 

Important stuff like sending an invoice. Your customers can’t pay their bill they don’t know they have one due. If you’re bad about forgetting to generate them, the best free online invoice maker can help you out. 

  1. Being Inconsistent 

One of the easiest mistakes to make is sending details for invoices out at a different time every month. You delay them due to holidays and weekends. 

The inconsistency can cause major problems. If your customers have no way of knowing when they’re going to receive their invoices, they won’t have their payment prepared. 

This will result in a late payment, which means you don’t get your money on time. Use your calendar to pick a single day every month that you dedicate to your invoices. 

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  1. Sending the Invoices to the Wrong Person 

Nothing can mess up a billing period quite like sending your invoices to the wrong person. It’s a simple mistake to make. All it takes is misreading a single letter in someone’s email address. 

You’ll then have to send the invoice to the right person later on. By that point, you’ve already wasted a lot of time. 

  1. Chase Unpaid Invoices 

Your job isn’t over once you send out your invoice. You’ve got to go after the clients that refuse to pay you. It’s not something that you can afford to be passive about. 

We’re not saying to knock on their door and demand payment. What we are saying is you should send these customers a gentle reminder email. That’s usually enough to add some urgency. 

  1. Not Adding a Detailed Invoice Description 

Creating an item description is one of the most important parts of the invoice. Your customers will be hesitant to send money to you if they don’t have any memory of the transaction. 

In most cases, the client in question will ignore the invoice and not pay you until you get around to clarifying.

Small Business Invoicing Mistakes to Avoid 

Sending out invoices is crucial to running any business. If you forget to hand them out to your customers until the last minute or mess up a description, your company won’t get paid on time. That’s not great for you.

Follow the tips that you’ve read here today to avoid those painful small business invoicing mistakes. For more advice that will help your company flourish, visit the Business section of our blog. 

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