6 Problematic Air Conditioner Noises that Require Immediate Attention

Metropolitan Air Conditioning can take care of all your gas heating needs regardless of size. We can provide expert advice about which gas heating unit will be right for your home or business. We value energy efficiency, quality workmanship, and superior products designed to last you a lifetime.

Gas Heating Specialists

Don’t settling for a cheap electric system when gas heaters can warm your home during the winter for a fraction of the cost and with significantly less environmental impact. Gas heating comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it’s a given that we will have the perfect option for you and your home.

Space heater, wall furnace, gas log fires and ducted heating. There’s something for everyone, and Metropolitan has over 25 years’ experience installing, repairing and servicing all of the available options.

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Types of Gas Heating

Gas heating is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There is an abundance of options to suit a variety of needs. Speak with us about what’s right for your home, or explore the different systems below.

Let’s take a look:

Benefits of Gas Heating

There are some obvious benefits when adding heating systems to the home, like being able to enjoy lovely winter cosiness. But it’s the benefits of the gas itself that are the real talking points.

If your noisy air conditioner produces a hiss, it could mean one of two things: that there’s an air leak somewhere in the system or that the compressor has sprung a refrigerant leak. An air leak is a minor issue, one that’s more annoying than anything else. A refrigerant leak however, is a significant concern. Refrigerant gases are present in all split systems and ducted air conditioners. These gases treat the air passing through the system to provide the desired heating and cooling.


The benefits of gas heating include:

  • The ability to remain warm and toasty all winter long.
  • Gas is around 30–40 per cent cheaper to run than electric heating methods like air con. So it’s a real money-saver.
  • Gas is more eco-friendly, producing only 50 per cent of the carbon of coal-generated electricity. So, it lowers your carbon footprint.

Stop relying on electric heating! It’s time to make the switch to gas

A single click or pop on start up can signify that the air conditioner is communicating with the thermostat and is no reason for concern. If the clicking or popping noise remains consistent, then you may have a problem. A defective relay or failing thermostat could be the culprit. Whatever the cause, it’s something that needs to be replaced, so check your warranty or call an air con technician for the appropriate fix.

If you rely on ducted air conditioning, a popping or even banging noise can be caused by the differences in pressure between the air supply and return duct. Another reason for noise can be the ducts expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature. Having a professional clean the system, seal any leaks, and adjust the duct dampers can help reduce the noise.

A high pitched squeal or squeak can be one of the louder noises produced by an air conditioner. The piercing sound can indicate that the blower motor’s belt has slipped and requires adjustment. Most modern systems no longer use a belt system, so this problem is exclusive to older systems.

And yet contemporary air conditioners can also squeal if the bearings on the condenser have worn down from use or if the compressor fails. Both problems need to be addressed by a technician right away before they cause the motor to fail.

As an Australian national brand, Metropolitan has technicians in all of the capital cities and many of the surrounding areas. We specialise in offering same day service and in most situations, we can be at your door within an hour of your call*. This should help with the stress when facing an emergency.

We can install your new gas heating system, check for leaks, service your current system and conduct any necessary repairs. Gas heating is a fantastic way to fill your home with wonderful warmth. Metropolitan Air Conditioning has over 25 years’ experience with gas systems, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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