Top features of virtual career fairs

Virtual events have become the first preference of organizations around the globe. Apart from being cost-efficient, there are various other advantages that an online career fair offers that make them an easier option to pick.

What are virtual career fairs?

Like webinars, virtual job events take place over a virtual event platform where recruiters and job seekers connect and exchange dialogues regarding job vacancies. These events allow recruiters to interact with the candidates face to face and make job offers right on the spot. Virtual career fairs are not only more effective, but they also have a lighter effect on the pockets of both the candidates and the organizers. They don’t consume much time and are more hassle-free. Unlike popular belief, online job fairs offer various networking opportunities and allow one to connect leaders and organizations from all over the world.

What are the advantages of a virtual career fair?

  1. The most prominent advantage that a virtual career fair offers is accessibility to people across land and oceans. Job seekers and recruiters with a suitable device and stable internet connection can join the event in just a click, no matter which part of the world they are in.
  2. In comparison to a physical career show, the virtual counterpart is cost-efficient to both attendees and the organizers. It lets the organizers save the cost of a physical venue, logistics, and various other factors. Also, the attendees save a lot of money they would spend on travel in case of an in-person career fair.
  3. Another benefit that a virtual career fair offers is more connectivity. In a physical event, you can connect with only one person at a time, but this is not the case with its online counterpart. Since you join using a virtual job fair platform, you can chat with more than one person simultaneously.
  4. Unlike their physical counterparts, online career platforms allow the organizers to keep track of the real-time candidates’ engagement activities. This feature enables hosts to measure the success rate of their events. It also encourages them to have detailed analytics of the features that engage attendees the most.

What are the features of virtual career fairs?

here are some features you should consider that would decide the success rate of a virtual job carnival are-

  1. Custom Landing Page-

To begin with, make sure your online career show has its landing page. This page would contain all the relevant information that would make it easier for the registrants to know every necessary detail of the event. The page will allow them to register, update resumes and make their resumes on the page. A page with job information, search features, event overview, details of all the recruiters, and other data will leave a good impression on the participants’ minds. Keeping your attendees’ convenience a priority would reflect the values and culture of your organization.

  1. Multi-Device Accessibility-

When planning an online career show, keep it in mind that not all of your attendees will have access to a laptop. Moreover, people find it easy to attend a virtual event using a mobile phone, as it allows them to join from anywhere. Your virtual career fair should be accessible with a laptop as well as mobile phones. To increase the global reach, choose the one which is both iOS and Android compatible.

  1. Customized Booths-

The typical image people carry of career fairs is of a hall with various booths where exhibitors offer vacancies to the participants. Keep the authentic image alive by taking the counters to your virtual job fair. Some virtual fair platforms provide you with the feature of customizing booths as per the organization and recruiters’ demands. Add staff animations that will represent your company. Tabs like video, brochure, and a job profile description would enable the job seekers to move with the process smoothly. A contact tab allows the participants to connect with the recruiter via a chat box or calls.

  1. Seamless Navigation-

Give your virtual fair attendees a closer to reality experience by creating a virtual 3D space. Speaking of it, your virtual event should offer a user-friendly navigation system that would be easier to browse. If you’re willing to give your online event a real touch, make sure all its elements are clearly labelled. You wouldn’t want to play the ‘guess the name game’ with your attendees. Keep it easy for the attendees by keeping the navigation simple, so they don’t keep wondering where they are supposed to click. You can use the navigation area and other space to promote your brand as well as your exhibitors.

  1. Safe communication-

One common myth people have about virtual career fairs is they don’t provide enough opportunities for the attendees to connect with the exhibitors. However, various online career platforms have successfully busted this myth. Several organizations have conducted virtual career fairs with enough options to connect job seekers with the exhibitors. The registrant can easily click on the chatbox and have either a chat with the exhibitors for effective communication. As an organizer, make sure you don’t compromise with the security of your participants and the exhibitors. Choose the best virtual job platform and win the trust of your participants.

  1. Networking Options-

The most prominent reason people attend job fairs, apart from getting jobs, is to build networks. Nobody would be interested in joining your trade fair if they find it doesn’t provide them with enough networking options. Consider a virtual fair platform that provides sufficient tools to expand their network. Dreamcast offers features like B2B Meeting Scheduler, Networking Tables and AI Matchmaking Tools enabling the exhibitors and attendees to connect and expand their network.

  1. Interactive Event-

Though attending virtual events offer innumerable benefits to both parties, they have their own set of limitations. Being part of an online job fair and staring continuously at screens for longer durations can be quite exhausting. If people find your event boring, they will leave it midway, and it won’t be beneficial for your brand image. Make the virtual event interactive and fun for the attendees. Your virtual fair should include short expert sessions, seminars, and other activities that would help you increase audience retention. Industry experts sharing their thoughts and helpful advice would add value to the overall experience of the job seekers.

  1. Gamification Features-

Who said a career fair couldn’t be fun and not have games? To add to the excitement levels of your attendees, add digital games to your virtual job fair. You can incorporate group games to make it more gripping and giveaway prizes to the winners at the end. It would keep the attendees hooked to your event and will leave them with a happy experience.

  1. Help Desk-

Just like a physical job fair, the online edition should also have a help desk to solve attendees’ general queries. Give the help desk a 3D structure to give a resemblance to the physical help desk or reception. You can ask your virtual event provider to incorporate an information desk so that attendees can contact you directly in case of a query.

If you look forward to hosting an effective online job carnival, join hands with the best virtual job fair platform like Dreamcast today and give execution to your plans.

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