A Complete Discussion Of Factors On Which Projector Hire Is Dependent

Whenever you need a projector or Projector Hire the most important factor you should consider are its brightness. This factor becomes more crucial due to various settings within the event. So, let’s discuss some of the brightness tips that will keep you thinking:

Brightness Tips:

If we consider a general definition of brightness, it is the number of lumens a projector offers. Simply, it means that the lumens and brightness have a direct relationship with each other. But this is not it, colors are also important. Specifically, if you have to use the projector after dark. So, prefer a projector’s color brightness in some specifications. This will let you determine the brightness of a projector with its color range.

You don’t need just a pure white light of a projector. Ambient is the factor which you need to consider at the time of Projector Hire London. So, you can say higher light pollution means higher brightness. Another thing to think about is the size of the image you want to project. Also, consider the distance of the projector from the screen. You need a brighter output with respect to the size of the image.

How To Choose A Projector To Deal With Uncontrollable Situations?

You have no control over certain scenarios. The following are some examples of possible scenarios:

  • High level of natural light
  • Fading evening light
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Electric lightening levels

You have to experience dramatic changes from event to event. Sometimes you have to face them from hour to hour. So, the projector you use must be capable of dealing with uncontrollable situations. So, as a rule of thumb choose a projector that is capable of dealing with higher ambient light which you can expect to encounter. 

What Other Things do You Need To Consider Except Brightness?

At this point, we will discuss other factors which are also important to consider. 

  • Resolution Of A Projector:

This must be your second consideration before hiring any projector. Because a good resolution means a clear and crispier image. 

Resolution tips:

There are many terms that commonly refer to the resolution of an image. But the term which is common among event producers is 1080p and 4K. Good resolution guarantees an impressive image. So, you can say that a high-resolution projector cost more. But a greater market competition has made getting a high-resolution projector possible within budget. Following things affect the resolution of the projector:

  • Source device
  • Content

A 4K projector works to scale up the image. 4 K source will deliver the same 4K content. This guarantees a top-quality image that everyone wants to view.

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To know the content type is easy than knowing the ambient light levels of your venue. Go for a Projector Hire London based on the following things:

  • The most detailed content you need to display
  • The highest quality source of the content
  • Space For The Projector:

The word “space” bothers most of the event producers. So, there are some factors that influence the choice of the projector:

For the placement of the projector consider the size of the screen. If you want to display a large image, the distance between a screen and a projector must be of few meters. If you have confined space then your need can be short throw and ultra-throw devices. Don’t consider installation a big issue. Consider those projectors that are easy to install. Generally, a rental agency can guide you about the distance between a projector and screen. But the determination of the space is very difficult if you are unsure about the venue’s space and style. 

If you generally arrange events in a small venue then a short-throw projector is best. This specifically allows flexibility of installation. You can use it even in the tightest spaces. A short-throw projector can throw a 50-inch image from just a distance of 15 inches. This makes it an excellent choice for any tight spot. 

  • Projector’s Screen:

With the projector don’t forget about the accessory which is the source of its output. The projector has a huge impact on the quality of visuals. But you are underestimating the projector screen here. You would be amazed to know a difference which projector screen can make. A professional screen can boost clarity and color contrast. This makes brightness even more brilliant. Neglecting the quality of projector screens means negligence of image quality. 

If you are unsure which screen is best for you. Allow London Projector Hire to help you in this matter. They will guide you on which screen will be a perfect match for your projector. Therefore, you would be able to provide a quality image to the audience. 

Minimum Projector Brightness vs. Screen Resolution:

  • A minimum of 2,000 lumens is required for an 8-foot tripod screen.
  • Minimum 4,000 lumens is enough for a 5.5’x10’ fast-fold screen.
  • 9′ x 16′ fast-fold screen with a minimum of 8,000 lumens.
  • 11.5′ x 20′ Minimum 12,000 lumens for a fast-fold screen.
  • Connectivity Of The Projector:

In large venues, it is as simple as plugging into already installed equipment. However, if the venue is not large then this might not be as simple for you. Wireless projectors seem pretty ideal for this kind of situation. This means that you can operate a projector from a distance. Doesn’t it has made installation more flexible?  Wireless projectors are expensive to utilize for the event. 

But there is another possibility of achieving a quality of the wireless projector. Use accessories to a projector that meets your specific needs. This makes you unlimited in brightness level, resolution, and throw distance. So, you can select a projector without making any sacrifice on the following:

  • Wireless projector
  • Easy installation

Final Comments!

The projector is an essential element because the visual aspect of the event is not worth compromising. Ems Events provides the best Projector Hire services to enhance the visual quality of an event. This article has explained about all those things on which the selection of projector depends. It also has made it clear that everything your projector can’t do for you. Therefore, the right selection of a screen also matters a lot. 

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