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A Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Pair Of Sports Glasses

What Makes Sports Glasses Perfect?

Your skills are not enough to help you perform at your optimum capacity in sports. Among other factors, one of the most important is sports gear. Sports gear varies as per sports and comprises various components. However, something like sports glasses are required in almost all sports.

To keep your eyes safe and impart a perfect vision while performing, sports glasses are crucial. Whether at a professional level or just for fun, if you too play sports, go ahead and buy a pair of sports glasses. If you prefer to buy glasses online, you can buy top quality sports glasses at pocket-friendly prices here. 

Here is a comprehensive guide for you to buy the perfect pair of sports glasses. Do keep these things in mind and you will never regret your purchase. 


While buying your glasses, material is a very important determinant. However, it needs to be noted that when it comes to sports glasses, the need to go with the right material becomes even more important. For both your frames and lenses, the material selection needs to be on point.

When it comes to frames, there might be chances of impacts while performing as sports require a lot of dynamic movements. The desirable qualities that you need to look out for include high strength, high impact-resistance and good flexibility. These are provided by materials such as acetate, TR90, and polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate lenses are great for your sports glasses. These lenses will not only impart an enhanced durability to your sports glasses but also provide you with a perfect vision to perform at your peak.


While making your way to the finishing point in a marathon race, you don’t want your sports glasses to be falling off your face, or always having the need to adjust them. To avoid such an irritating situation – and many more like these – you will need to look for sports glasses that will fit you well. 

Materials that have good flexibility are very effective in adjusting to your face shapes, thereby giving you a perfect fit. You also have the option of straps for your sports glasses, especially in sports which require relatively more dynamic movements. You can tie these straps to the back of your head to keep your sports glasses rested at a single place.


There are multiple options for your tints, when it comes to sports glasses. Although all tints are equally effective in providing the basic functions that tinted sports glasses provide, there are certain areas where they vary. 

Choosing your tints in a smart manner can give you that extra edge. For example, while performing under blue skies, red tints are great as they are relatively more effective in blocking blue light. Similarly, if you need a sharper view of the objects, brownish tints are a great pick as they provide high contrast.

Sports Prescription Glasses

If you require eyesight correction, you must put on prescription glasses for a clear vision. But when you go out to play sports, these normal prescription glasses are not what you should go with. You should instead opt for sports prescription glasses. 

While buying your sports glasses, just submit your prescription at the time of purchase, and your pairs will be updated with your required prescription. 

A couple of years back. I bought a pair of cycling glasses online with a prescription from Specscart. I got them at a pocket-friendly price and the pair is still performing brilliantly. You can follow this eyewear startup at Specscart Facebook to get to know more about their amazing products and services. 

Anti-glare coating

Glare is a common occurrence during outdoor sports and can end up hindering your vision. Hence, getting the lenses of your sports glasses updated with anti-glare coating can prove to be very beneficial. 

While pedalling your way through the rough cycling trails, you will no longer need to worry about glare, provided you put on a pair of sports glasses with anti-glare coating.

UV Protection

When it comes to outdoor sports, you are required to perform under sunny conditions. This will expose your eyes to the harmful UV rays. This is the reason why you need to look for sports glasses with lenses that have UV protection. 

You also have the option of going with polarised lenses or even mirrored lenses to eliminate the occurrence of glare. 

Polarised lenses have a filter applied over their surface, which has a function of filtering out the reflected light rays responsible for causing glare. Instead of a filter, mirrored lenses use a thin metallic layer to eliminate glare. They are known as mirrored lenses because of this metallic layer that imparts them a mirror-like appearance. 

Other Protective Coatings

There are various other coating options that you have for your sports glasses, including anti-fogging coating and hydrophobic coating. 

There might come situations where you are required to perform in foggy conditions. Going with anti-fogging coating in such a case can do wonders for your performance.

What do you do when you have to perform in rainy conditions? Hydrophobic coating is the way to go. While running a marathon, or even cycling your way through the tracks, if you encounter rain, a hydrophobic coating will ensure that the rain drops do not settle down on your lenses. Hydrophobic coating is even effective in cases when sweat might accumulate over your lenses. 

I hope this guide has made it clear to you the considerations that you need to make while buying sports glasses. Your next move should be to move ahead with the purchase. 

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