Does a Gas Fitter Do Heater Servicing

Gas Heater Service is a Plumbing Service

A gas fitter can do many different tasks that involve the gas appliances within your home, the gas lines within the home, and the lines that go to the homes from the mainline. As part of the jobs, they may work with the heating systems in the home if the house or business is using natural gas as a source for that heating system.

Plumbing services cover the water and piping that enters the building and carries the clean water into the home and the dirty water out of the home. This includes installation and maintenance of the appliances that use water. As this includes the connections to the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry area, and the water heater, many will also provide gas fitting services. As every plumber is required to complete basic gas fitting training as part of their certification, they are able to provide some gas fitting services under the correct circumstances.

To become a fully certified gas fitter, further training is required; however, most plumbing businesses will be able to offer both services. However, someone who has taken only gas fitting is not able to complete plumbing work and will be limited in the tasks they can complete. This certification allows for gas fitters to install the gas lines and to work on a furnace or heating but does not allow them to do plumbing or work on the water lines. A gas heater falls under the umbrella of plumbing and can be repaired and maintained by a plumbing company.

Gas Leaks & Heater Repair

A gas leak can occur anywhere along a gas line but is most often at the connection points and joints. Each joint is sealed; however, some may develop small leaks over time. Valves create the largest connections on the line and are the most likely place for a gas leak to occur. When a leak occurs, it can affect the entire household, and a larger leak will be unsafe for the appliances as well as the people in the building. For this reason, it is important to have it assessed and repaired as soon as possible, including having the gas valves closed until repair and even emergency repair services. Either a plumber or a gas fitter is able to repair the gas lines that are within the space and can repair the valves, pipes, leaks, and more. Water heaters and furnace repairs can be completed by a plumber in most cases, as they do have training in gas lines and how they function in the heating system.

Potential Leaks Should Be Addressed

Gas heaters, either water heaters or furnaces, are considered a plumbing concern and can be repaired by a plumber. When there is a potential leak, it should be addressed quickly by a qualified professional, and most plumbing businesses are able to perform regular maintenance as well as repairs upon these appliances.

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