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Are Cotton Mattresses Better Than Modern Mattresses?

The origin of the mattress dates back to around 77,000 years ago. It means that it existed in every age in different forms and shapes. The word mattress has its roots in Arabic; it means to throw something, and also means a carpet or cushion. This word is mixed with French and Italian to become Mattress today. In the past, people used straw and horsehair to make mattresses. Later, people started using cotton, and today the patterns of mattress manufacturing have changed. Even today, there are a few people who argue about cotton and modern mattresses. Let’s shed some light on this argument to reveal if the cotton mattress is better than the modern mattresses.

What is a cotton Mattress? 

cotton Mattress

Cotton is probably the most ancient product used to make mattresses. A few decades ago, a cotton mattress was considered an asset for elites. Later, with the inception of a wide range of modern mattresses, it lost its essence and prominence. However, today, there are many who prefer cotton mattresses over others. A cotton mattress is a kind of mattress made of layers of cotton. The cotton is stuffed into a breathable and waterproof fabric. Today, some of the hybrid mattresses also constitute cotton. 

Advantages of Cotton Mattress: 

1.     Breathability: 

A cotton mattress is filled with cotton, a natural fibre, in a breathable fabric. As a result, it offers high breathability. It offers a thorough circulation of air through the air to maintain its freshness and coolness. So, in the hot summers, your mattress will remain cool. Due to this particular reason, it also does not contain odour. 

2.     Comfortability: 

Cotton is a natural fibre, which provides a very comfortable feeling. It is firm in the beginning but gets soft with time, offering the comfort for a good sleep. 

3.     Cost-effective: 

The cotton mattress is a very cost-effective mattress, especially in countries that produce cotton on a large scale. 

4.     Natural: 

Since cotton is made from a natural material, it does not cause allergies. 

Disadvantages of Cotton Mattress: 

1.     Does not support the body properly:

The cotton mattress cannot support the body completely. It is unresponsive to twists and tosses on the mattress. As a result, it does not trigger pressure points that cause discomfort while sleeping. This kind of mattress is not advisable for people with back pain problems, arthritis, and osteoporosis.  

2.     Susceptible to Fire: 

Cotton can easily catch fire; it can set the bed ablaze instantly. If you want to ensure safety, you must avoid getting a cotton mattress. 

3.     Dust and mites: 

Another downside of the cotton mattress is that it attracts dust and mites. As a result, it becomes easily dirty and may also cause diseases. 

4.     Not durable: 

Also, a cotton mattress is not a durable mattress option. Though it looks firm and shows good strength, it gets saggy over time. It cannot retain its firmness for a long time, which means that you will have to think about buying a new mattress after some time. 

What are modern mattresses?

modern mattresses

Sleeping is a significant aspect of our daily lives. Good sleep is as important as healthy eating or exercise. Today, body support and comfort are more important when it comes to the features of a mattress. The inception of modern mattresses guarantees a comfortable sleep.

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Modern mattresses are basically mattresses that are manufactured at modern and technological standards. There are many kinds of modern mattresses such as: 

Memory Foam: 

Memory foam, also known as Visco-elastic foam, is one of the most common and popular mattress types. It was originally introduced by NASA for improving seat cushioning and crash safety to air passengers. Although it is still used in that capacity, it is equally popular in the bedding option. Since it is called viscoelastic foam, it offers potential flexibility essential to support the body. It supports the body triggering the pressure points that leads to a comfortable sleep. The memory foam conforms to body curves while distributing the body weight evenly on the mattress. Another plus point of memory foam is that it is hypoallergenic. It does not attract dust, mites, and allergens. 

Innerspring mattress: 

The innerspring mattress is slightly an old kind of mattress that dates back to the 1800s. It is a kind of mattress that contains metal coils or springs covered in padding or upholstery. The springs in the mattress offer a bouncy feeling. It supports the body while tossing and twisting on the bed. It also triggers pressure points to offer a comfortable sleep. However, these mattresses are not hypoallergenic like memory foam. 

Latex mattress:

Latex mattress

A latex mattress is a natural mattress made of latex plant or petroleum-based material. This mattress offers an eco-friendly option as it is made of eco-friendly material. It offers the same qualities as memory foam in terms of comfortability and cushioning. It is considered one of the best mattresses for people with lower back pain problems. 

Hybrid mattress: 

A hybrid mattress is a kind of mattress that offers an amalgamation of two kinds of mattresses. Most commonly, the hybrid mattresses include the integration of memory foam and innerspring. However, you can find different pairs of mattresses put together in one mattress in the market. 

Air mattress: 

An Air mattress is a kind of mattress that is filled with air to form its shape. You can fill as much air as you want according to your desire. For more firmness, you will fill more air. For making it flexible, you will fill less air. It is a kind of mattress that you can tailor according to your requirements. 

Advantages of modern mattresses:

The advantage of modern mattresses is that they provide full support to the body. They target the pressure points on the body offering comfortability. They contour the body and provide a bouncy feel. Some of the types of modern mattresses are hypoallergenic that do not contain dust and mites. Also, there is a wide range of mattresses made of a natural composition that are eco-friendly options. 

Disadvantages of modern mattresses:

Various types of modern mattresses have less breathability. It means that such mattresses feel warm, and they are uncomfortable to sleep on in the summer. Also, the cost of modern mattresses is higher than a cotton mattress. 

Final verdict: 

Modern mattresses are a better option as they offer a wide range of advantages. However, the cotton mattress is a good option when you want a comfortable sleep but are able to replace it frequently.

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