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A trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without going on a desert safari. Going out of the city and experiencing the sand under your toes, as well as knowing about Bedouin culture and Emirati customs. There are so many options for desert safari tour operators in Dubai that it’s hard to know which one to choose desert safari tour Dubai deals at first glance. Despite the fact that the trip descriptions seem to be comparable, the pricing might differ greatly. What are you getting for your money?

We’ll walk you through what to expect from your Dubai Desert Safari company. Let’s get directly to the chase and guide you and your traveling companions to the ideal safari.

When Should You Book Desert Safari Dubai Deals? Morning, Evening and Overnight?

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to spend only a few hours in the desert or spend the night. Even though the heat of the day has subsided, morning desert safaris tend to be more leisurely affairs, with an emphasis on the desert’s natural beauty. If you’re pressed for time and have a jam-packed evening planned in the city, a morning desert safari could be the better choice. 

In order to really enjoy the desert’s beauty, an overnight stay is strongly suggested. This provides you a better opportunity of seeing wildlife, since desert creatures are more active at night and during the twilight hours.

Overnight safaris in Dubai also provide you the chance to marvel at the night sky, which is free of pollution. Some Dubai glamping spots, such as those with sought-after dome tents where you can view the desert in all its beauty, are also recommended if camping isn’t exactly your thing.

What Type of Deals You Can Have in Desert Safari?

Desert safaris in Dubai provide a wide range of cultural and sports events, as well as a time to know about the city’s history and traditions.

Hotel Pick Ups

A hotel pick-up and drop-off service is included in all of the desert safaris we’ve listed here. Your group may share a car with other tour participants or have a vehicle of their own, up to seven people, depending on the kind of trip you’ve booked and the current COVID restrictions.

Enjoy The Thrill of Dune Bashing

Many desert safaris include dune bashing, which involves speeding up and down sand dunes. It’s not for the faint of heart. Seat belts are required for dune bashing, which is often done in specially modified four-wheel-drive cars. If you contract with a reliable firm, you can expect your driver to be well-versed in desert driving etiquette and to adhere strictly to predetermined routes.

Pregnant ladies, toddlers, and anybody anyone with a medical condition should avoid dune bashing. If you are prone to motion sickness, it is best to avoid excursions that include it as part of the day’s activities.

Sand Boarding

It’s time to get on your board and ride the waves! As with snowboarding, there are certain skills and a strong sense of balance required for sandboarding – but there’s no harm in trying! In order to traverse the dunes, participants may use their boards in any of these positions: standing, sitting, or even lying down.

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Quad Biking

Quad bikes and dune buggies are alternative options for exploring the desert. It’s possible to book a desert dune buggy excursion as part of a package. It’s possible you’ll be provided this as an additional perk when you arrive at camp.

If this is something you truly want to accomplish, make sure to check your schedule carefully before booking, since it’s not an automatic inclusion.

Henna Tattoo

There are henna tattoos on offer at several desert camps as well as safaris in the area, which have been worn by women for decades. The hands, arms, and feet of brides are typically adorned with tattoos, which are believed to bring good fortune.

It used to be that henna practitioners would offer a variety of designs for consumers to pick from, but this is no longer the case. Having henna applied is a great way to remember your experience in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy a Camel Ride Dubai

For some, a camel ride into the desert sunset is a fantasy; for others, it is a terrifying nightmare. To keep yourself safe, just lean backwards when your camel stands or sits per your guide’s directions. In addition to short camel treks of 10-20 minutes, several desert tours now offer extended camel treks for a price.

Pregnant women, anyone with major musculoskeletal ailments, and very young toddlers are not suggested for camel riding. Even if you don’t want to ride a camel, you’ll have plenty of chances to engage with them and snap photographs.

Indulge Yourself in Belly Dancing

It’s possible to find belly dance as entertainment at certain camps and safaris. Ancient Egyptian belly dance was extensively practiced throughout the Middle East until the arrival of Islam.

Many Muslims in the United Arab Emirates consider belly dance haram, despite the fact that it is performed for tourists.

Mesmerized by a Tanura Dance

Tanura dances are occasionally given instead of or in addition to traditional belly dancing. Tanura, a dance that originated in Egypt, is known for its distinctive skirt. The dancers, who are invariably male and wear ornate skirts, twirl about, causing their skirts to dangle like a fascinating parachute.

Smoke shisha

Smoking shisha is a popular pastime for many travelers to the Middle East, and a best desert safari Dubai offers a memorable opportunity to do so beneath the desert stars. Trying a cigarette is an interesting cultural experience even if you aren’t a frequent smoker. Shisha, despite the fact that it does not contain as many harmful chemicals as cigars and cigarettes, nonetheless has its drawbacks.

How Can I Book My Desert Safari Deals?

Many desert safari providers have websites, but we prefer to book with The Desert Safari Dubai because of the clear and easy booking method, the fast confirmation text, and the 24-hour cancellation policy – particularly helpful given the present uncertainties in the tourism industry.

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