How to keep your car battery healthy for running it longer time

Maintaining a car for its good working condition is mandatory to avoid sudden encounters to repair bills. Looking after your car’s health would not only extend its good health but also keep it brand new for a long time. 


Car owners often face many battery problems specifically in the winter season. The car batteries are more susceptible to damage in cold weather, thus it becomes necessary to make a habit of regular car battery checkups. 


Moreover, extremely hot weather also decays battery performance. In the summer heat, electrical components of the car keep constant draining the battery that results in to an increase in the sulfate amount in the battery.   


Visit CAR DETAILING PLAZA IN ELIZABETH to maintain your car’s overall health with its world-class cleaning services. This post includes much practical advice on how to keep your car battery healthy in all seasons. 


What is the average car battery life?


Actually, car batteries have a long life span until they produce current to start the engine. Car battery manufacturers produce batteries to run for up to four to five years, but they start deteriorating before the time.  


In addition, the car battery’s healthy life also depends upon how much trip it is taking and how long time it has been remained parked at a place. 

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The car’s internal and outside temperature also impacts battery life. Moreover, climate also affects battery life. In Northern nations, the battery may run for five years, while in Southern nations’ climate malfunction battery in three years.  


Dying Battery signs in a car


You should be familiar with some weak and dying battery signs. Early identification of weak battery signs may avoid you to spend money on battery repair or replacement. 


Usually, the battery charging lamp starts blinking on the dashboard to notify the driver about car battery health. But there are many other warning signs regarding battery when it is about to die. 


  1. Low or dying car batteries do not produce enough charge to supply current to the electrical components, specifically to the car headlights. The vehicle’s headlamps seem very low and dim due to the draining battery. 
  2. The engine pulls many amperes of current when it starts. A low or drained battery could not produce enough current to start the engine and then the engine slow to crank. You can judge it as engine crank very slowly. 
  3. You hear a click sound when turning the car key to start the engine. It is the true symptom of a dying battery. When the engine starts very slowly then a click sound could be heard. 
  4. Sometimes loose battery terminals dim the headlamps. Tight the terminal and check their tightness after some kilometers, if they are loose again it may be due to the dying battery. 
  5. Backfiring could be due to many unusual things happening in the engine. But in some cases battery sparking leads extra fuel to accumulate in the engine and furthermore when the engine starts, the fuel ignites suddenly to cause the car to backfire. 
  6. A car battery can also fail if you have installed the wrong battery. Car manufacturers suggest a Group number that fits with your vehicle’s power requirement. 
  7. You can smell like rotten eggs when you open a car bonnet. It is a symptom of deteriorated car battery health. 


Tips on how to increase car battery life


Car battery health can be enhanced after following some effective tips and keep implementing them regularly. First of all, keep your car’s interior and exterior cleaned with Hand car wash in Elizabeth. A completely cared for and cleaned vehicle encounters with less mechanical and electrical malfunctioned. 


  1. Quick and short rides do not let the car battery fully charge. Drive your car frequently and take it on long trips as well.
  2. Make a habit of testing your battery voltage and electrolyte level in the summer and winter seasons. 
  3. Turn off all the lights when you step down from the car, it saves the car battery for further use. 
  4. Keep battery terminals clean and fluid level up to the mark in it. Don’t overfill the battery with the fluid. Distilled water should be used as a fluid to the battery. 
  5. Cover battery with insulating material. As batteries are more susceptible to heat and cold, they should be covered with insulating material. 
  6. Don’t overcharge the battery, it may lead to battery sudden failure. 
  7. Keep the battery tightly fastened with the frame. Loose batteries produce vibrations in the cells. Constant vibration in the battery cells leads to damage and permanent failure of the battery. 
  8. When the engine is off then use the limited electrical components of the car. 


The overall health care of the car is necessary to keep its battery performance stable and alive for a long period. Keep inspecting your car for different reasons of malfunctions. It will not only improve battery life but also let you spend less money on car maintenance. 

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