UPSC Examination and Its Increasing Demand

The importance of UPSC examinations in India

The Union Public Service Commission examination is considered to be one of the hardest examinations in India and also the most fulfilling job that can be fulfilled by any individual who wishes to serve the country. However, the examination consists of a rigorous schedule involving three different types of modes that the individuals are required to pass each test so that they can be selected out of thousands. Through the UPSC it becomes possible for the government to recruit the best candidates as leaders of the country who will be involved in solving issues for the public and also maintain transparency in the government. it is considered to be one of the most coveted jobs in the country going to the prestige and further provided in the same.

How is the UPSC conducted in India

In general the UPSC is conducted in the form of a pen and paper test where there are three different levels which need to be completed by the students before we can gain a job with the government. the step examinations 100 multiple choice questions across a variety of topics. This is followed by a written examination and lastly an interview process from which the final list of candidates are provided. examination is rigorous and comprises the knowledge of several subjects across the concentration of sociology, economics, polity, history, general knowledge and current affairs and so on. It is important that students remain up to date across each of these subjects as the questions asked in the examination are mostly to test the knowledge of the students as well as their logical perceptions and opinions regarding these subject matters.

Preparation for UPSC

In The Indian educational sector the UPSC has a separate market for students who are intending to appear for this examination. Since there is no formal education provided to the students, most of them are dependent on educators and teachers who have already sat for these examinations or have complete knowledge of the process. There are major centers across the country where several educational institutions have opened up their Institute to provide support to the students. Even though most of the classes were undertaken physically before the pandemic, the scenario changed significantly post covid-19 and it was found that most of these institutes are very eager to know how to create an online course , so that students do not face any problems to prepare for these examinations and can continue with the knowledge process. This has led to students being provided with an opportunity to continue with the preparation process and communicate with the teachers using the online education medium.

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Modes of study available

It is important to highlight that the UPSC preparation is significantly costlier and thereby cannot be undertaken by all. This is especially the case for students who intend to become a part of the big institutes who have the highest success rates of students succeeding in the examinations. However, with online education in the past few years it has been found that several entrepreneurs have come up in the Indian market with the aim of providing guidance to students to subsidize rates so that the dream of becoming a part of the government service can be fulfilled without any added cost. Most of these entrepreneurs sell online courses thereby making it possible for students to have access to them in the form of paint subscriptions which are often a very minimal amount. These entrepreneurs ensure that all different kinds of resources that are required to succeed in the UPSC examination are provided to the students thereby ensuring that they can prepare completely to excel in the same. for example, There are several independent institutes that only take a minimal fee of as less as 5000 rupees from students in return for providing them with support to manage their preliminary and Mains examination across a certain group of subjects. The support provided provides a kickstart to the student by enabling them to have a better understanding of the entire process as well as what kind of strategy to undertake to complete the huge syllabus.

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