How Do I See Someone’s Followers on Twitch?

If you want to check how many followers someone has on Twitch, there are many ways to do it. Some of these ways include using the “Followers” section of their profile or searching for the person’s name in the search bar. Other ways include using SullyGnome. This website has a huge database of statistics that you can use to get a better understanding of how your favorite streamers are performing and what games are currently trending. SullyGnome is an excellent way to find out a streamer’s total follower count. Just enter the streamer’s name into the search bar, and click on “Followers”.

Browser’s Cache

If you’re having problems viewing your Twitch followers list, you might need to clear your browser’s cache. This will remove any cached files and reload the Twitch site from the server. After this, your follower list should appear.

Once you’ve found your Twitch followers, you can add them as friends and send them messages. Once you’ve added them as friends, you can check out their followers list to see if they’re active and if they’ve followed you back.

Twitch Subscribers

While most Twitch followers users only follow their friends and people they know, you may want to expand your audience. You can add Twitch subscribers to your stream to help you reach new audiences. You can also make use of the mobile app to make your streams more accessible to more viewers.

Mac & Windows Users

Twitch also has a desktop app for Mac and Windows users, but there is no Chromebook version yet. The desktop version of Twitch works just like the web app. Click on your profile to access your followers’ lists. The number of followers appears underneath your profile photo.

Followers List

If you’ve just joined Twitch, you may be wondering how to check your follower count. First, you’ll need to access your Creator Dashboard. Then, click on the “community” tab and click on “Followers List.” There, you can see the number of people who follow you. You can also use this information to add followers as friends and send them messages:

  • If you’re on a Mac or Windows computer, you can view your follower count by going to the Twitch app. 
  • You can also visit Twitch via the web. Both Mac and Windows versions are identical to the web app. 
  • The only difference is that the desktop app will redirect you to your default browser. 
  • Once you’re on a Mac or Windows PC, you can click the “Followers” link to view your follower count.

In addition, the Twitch app includes a feature that lets you see how long someone has been following you. This is useful if you’re trying to track down a new streamer or a channel that has a long-term following.

Exact Date

If you are wondering how long someone has been following you on Twitch, you will be happy to know that you can see their follow date in just a few clicks. You can find this out by using the twitch how long command. It will give you the exact date that someone has been following you. Once you have that information, you can decide whether to support them or follow them.

Twitch Follow Date Tool

Alternatively, you can use the Twitch Follow Date Tool. This website is available for all platforms and is a quick and easy way to see how long a user has been following you. Simply type their username into the white search bar and hit Enter. A second way to see when someone has followed you on Twitch is by requesting this information directly from their channel.

Username of Your Channel

Once you have the username of your channel and account, you can use the following date command to find out how long they have followed you. This command is not against the Twitch terms of service, but some channels may have an alternative method.

If you want to know how old your account is, you can check the date that it was created on Twitch. The first step is to log in to Twitch and locate your profile. There, click on your username and select the “Channels” tab. You will then see the chat box that is on the right side of your profile.

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If you don’t see a date displayed in the Chat section, you may be able to find it using the Settings section of your account. To access this section, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen. Then, click on the ‘Settings’ option that appears near the bottom of the window.

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