How To Create Interactive Experiences With Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Did you know that custom sachet packaging can do more than hold your products? With the right design, it can build customer loyalty. To do so, you must create containers that offer extra benefits to the consumer.

Build Brand Identity With Unique Design

Packaging plays a massive part in branding since customers associate your product with your company. You can use this to your advantage by creating unique designs that encapsulate your business’s values and tone. Several ways to do this include using color, optimizing functionality and bucking industry trends.

Utilize Color

Colors have strong psychological effects, so take care when choosing your scheme. Developing a meaningful color scheme is an excellent way to subtly brand packaging, especially if you prefer minimalist design.

Consider Functionality

An eye-catching design is essential for packaging, but it shouldn’t overtake functionality. In fact, you can strengthen branding efforts by enhancing functionality:

  • Childproof containers
  • Color-changing patches to indicate freshness
  • Stand-up pouches for easy storage

Stand Out

Do your products blend into the shelves? You can stand out from the competition by creating a uniquely shaped container. Of course, you must ensure that your choices coincide with your company’s image. For example, don’t choose bold shapes if you want to present a tranquil image.

Incorporate Interactivity for Customer Experience

Why spend money on custom printed coffee bags and other packaging? Customization allows you to control every aspect of packaging, ensuring your products offer a unique experience. You can take these experiences to the next level by incorporating interactivity.

QR Codes

Anyone with a smartphone can use a QR code, making it a great way to enhance the customer experience. You can use QR codes in several ways:

  • Link to information about your product or company
  • Link to a contest customers can enter
  • Link to games and puzzles

Packaging With Multiple Uses

Consumers appreciate packaging that has multiple uses. For example, a cardboard container can become a hanger with a few cuts and a little folding. If you choose this type of interactivity, make sure you include clear instructions, so consumers don’t get frustrated.

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Add a Level of Personalization

Personalization draws consumers because it makes them feel special and connected to your company. Of course, personalization gets challenging at a certain level of production, but there are innovative ways to make people feel included. For example, you can create packaging that references names or emotions.


You can easily incorporate first names into your packaging. Consumers enjoy having something “meant” for them, and you may get new customers who wouldn’t otherwise consider your products.


Emotions are a universal experience, ensuring you connect with as many people as possible. You can represent emotions on containers with words, graphics or even colors. Include a variety of emotions, even negative ones, to appeal to a wide range of people.

Before you put in an order for stand up pouch printing, ask if your packaging design can do more. In all likelihood, you can offer your consumers something special by embracing innovation and creativity. The results are happy patrons who return for more fun experiences.

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