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How to Clean a Window AC Unit Without Removing it?

If you’re living in a high-rise building or in-home, you probably have seen or used a window AC at some point. Suppose you have used it. You know how much better It is as compared to the central HVAC unit. However, people with window air conditioners usually have one major issue: they are not easy to clean. But, not anymore, here we will tell you how to clean the window ac unit without removing your air conditioner.

As mentioned, the unit is easier to clean and maintain than the standard HVAC unit you will find in a home. Before we start, let’s go through why it is important and what all items you need. However, if you get stuck or need some assistance, contact the HVAC technician or cleaning service.

Importance to Clean a Window Air Conditioner

Similar to other electric home appliances, window air conditioners need regular cleaning and maintenance. Now, cleaning or maintenance during the winter season isn’t a good idea. However, the best time for maintenance is during the spring cleaning or autumn.

First, Consult the Manual

Every new AC  comes with its manual, which holds all information about the parts of the AC. Here, all the knowledge of opening or cleaning an AC is mentioned with images and steps. During cleaning, if you face any issue, there’s probably a chance it’s fix is available there. Air Duct Cleaning in Canton GA services recommends having a soft PDF version of the manual downloaded to your mobile device. This PDF copy will be available online on the company website, or you can find one by searching the make and model of your window air conditioner.

Supplies Needed for Cleaning a Window AC Unit without Removing It

Cleaning the  AC without removing it sounds like hard work, but It’s not very difficult. For starters, you’ll need these:

  • A bucket or sink that’s close to someplace where warm soapy water is available
  • A vacuum with its soft brush attachment
  • Any soft brush or comb that no one uses
  • A spray bottle filled with warm water and two drops of dish cleaning detergent
  • Some clean clothes for work that will get dirty
  • Some old newspapers that go under the air conditioner unit while cleaning
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • A magnet or a box to place screws/small parts so that you won’t lose them.
    Pair of work gloves that can protect hands from sharp fins
  • A Fin comb in case some coils need fixing or straightening

Steps to How to Clean a Window AC Unit without Removing it

Step 1 :

First and most important, unplug the unit from the wall socket as there is a chance to get electrocuted. Because you’ll be using a spray bottle to clean and touch different parts of the unit, there is a chance to get electrocuted, as a precaution always comes first.

Step 2:

HVAC Cleaning in Canton, GA services recommend changing filters every 1 to 3 months (for larger units) if you feel a little smoke in the room. It could be hazardous for health if they’re not cleaned or replaced. In the case of smaller air conditioners, check the filter every 30days and clean or replace it accordingly.

Step 3 :

To clean the filter, take it out and let it soak in a bucket of soapy water and then let them air dry. In case of replacement, refer to the manual for the correct sizes, make, and model of the AC. Since air filter cleans the air, you should keep filters as clean as possible. There may not be the need to change filters in small ac units. However, keep them in check anyway. Some filters even come with a filter reset button that will let you know when to change or clean filters.

Step 4 :

Next, take a screwdriver to take off the case of the unit. It makes it easier to see the condensation drain and other removable parts like the drain pan. You can soak these parts in soapy water for cleaning. It is crucial to clean the drain pan, as it is a place where mold could grow.

Step 5:

Vacuuming and spraying the inside parts of the window air conditioner is the next step. According to Air Duct Cleaning in Canton GA services, you’ll need the soft brush attachment with vacuum to clean dust and other stuff you see in the unit.

Step 6 :

Next, spray the water with detergent inside the machine and wipe the areas down carefully. Make sure to take care of fins, too, by using a fin comb to clean and straighten them.

Step 7 :

Remove the backside of the window air conditioner and spray the water & detergent concoction to clean them. Some people recommend using a hose, but the spray is fine too. Once the cleaning is complete, let all the parts of the window AC dry.

Step 8:

When everything is dry on the inside, assemble all the parts back on. If unsure where the piece goes, refer to the user manual. It has all details listed with pictures of where to put them. You could also call HVAC Cleaning in Canton, GA services for cleaning and assembly if needed. Just make sure everything is dry inside as there is a chance of mold build-up that could be a health risk.

Benefits of Cleaning a Window AC Unit

Clean air filters for fresh air

Everyone knows that a dirty air filter causes breathing issues due to clogging and causing a lack of airflow. It results in coils freezing. If everything is cleaned, the HVAC unit will last longer with clean air spreading throughout the house without any noise, as the unit doesn’t have to work hard. Just consider buying an air filter that catches airborne particles specific to the model and make you have.

Maintaining Fins to Keep the Air Flow Going

Use a fins comb after every cleaning to keep the cooling fins straight. It improves cool air quality in your home.

Early mold Detection

Is there a water leakage from the window unit that causes mold to form? Refer to the manual to check the possibilities, or ask local HVAC Cleaning in Canton GA services. If leakage keeps going, it will ruin the carpet and cause mold formation, which is dangerous for health.


This was all you needed to know about how to clean a window ac unit without removing it. Since window air conditioners are nice and keep the room chilly, their regular maintenance is very important. You can also ask for any local HVAC cleaning and maintenance service in case of any assistance.

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