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ICANotes EHR or FreeMED EMR- which is a better decision for your practice?

Not sure ICANotes EHR Software or FreeMED EMR is the better choice for your health care practice? Then this article is best for you to check the features and convenience of ICANotes and FreeMED EMR with the goal that you can choose the best for your organization. 

Is ICANotes, without a doubt, the most clinically robust behavior health EHR? 

ICANotes is a web-based behavioral health EHR designed for Use by mental health practices.   ICANotes empowers clients to take comprehensive notes. The EHR framework is built for behavioral health specialists, clinicians, and back-office managers to integrate effectively into a client’s work process and convey similarly quickly. It’s excellent for practices of any size and budget. 

ICANotes is designed to make your behavioral health documentation fast, far-reaching, and sufficiently refined to meet the most stringent standards. In addition, ICANotes require very little training since it is exceptionally instinctive and has a clinically logical chart-centric workflow.  Key Features are: 

  • Mobile application: It’s a cloud-based solution that requires minimal hardware. It has a mobile application for taking notes inside a clinical setting.   
  • Stage Two Meaningful Use: Certified to meet stage two significant use guidelines, meaning clients can exploit motivator programs.   
  • Pre-Formatted Clinical Notes: this feature handles notes for conducting health callings, for example, psychiatry, clinical social work, family treatment, bunch treatment, treatment, and psychological health record taking with its hearty note-taking elements. 
  • Robust Integrations: Integrates with different suppliers and labs to share notes, lab results, charges, patient information, and arrangements, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg — the whole way across various programming frameworks.  
  • E-Prescribing: E-Prescribing allows clinicians to send prescriptions to drug stores and oversee and carefully update measurements, sums, or guidelines with the product’s medicine the board highlights. They are outfitted with a robust data set of random medication effects, communications, and other helpful devices to forestall unfavorable aftereffects. 
  • Programmed Coding: Uses HCFA Guidelines to naturally assess and code a patient’s whole treatment venture. Handles coding for psychiatry, treatment, bunch treatment, guarantees the utilization of E/M repayment codes and prevents expensive bank charges. 
  •  Assessment Tools: Gives clinicians access to over 75 rating and evaluation tools, meaning patients obtain improved results, heads can precisely bill, and clinicians can all the more likely treat. 

 Can ICANotes Manage Your Entire Workflow?  

Yes! ICANotes premium patient portal includes completely electronic admission. It offers Paperless Practice Management. Patients enter segment information and their entire history, which pre-populates their underlying evaluation. 

You can create forms unique to your practice in the patient portal, where patients finish them up and sign electronically. Email and text arrangement updates and secure information kill paper, checking, and faxing requirements.  

ICANotes’ product offers a paperless practice the executive’s framework with features like 

  • Text and email arrangement updates 
  • Electronic report/document management system.  
  • Secure patient informing and inward correspondences.  
  • Completely virtual arrangement booking schedule 

You can run your conduct health practice for all intents and purposes through ICANotes’ exclusive incorporated telehealth program. Telehealth offers you definitive adaptability and comfort by permitting you to run your training any place you have a gadget and a web association. 

ICANotes HIPAA-compliant and secure video gathering stage can be sent off straightforwardly from your patients’ graphs and is viable with Windows, Android, Mac, or ISO gadgets. This strong EHR entry for specialists and advisors permits you to access your notes, client documents, and planning devices while in a video call. Telehealth programming permits you to persistently give care to your patients and meet with clients anyplace whenever, without the difficulties of distance or different issues. 

With ICANotes, you can Gain more control of your receivables and get compensated quicker with incorporated billing. In addition, this solution confirms patient advantages and submits guarantees electronically, auto-post protection installments, and makes proclamations, superbills, and CMS structures. 

Is FreeMED an alternate of ICANotes?  

FreeMed EMR is an electronic health/medical records management solution. FreeBSD is one of the oldest open-source EMR solutions available in the market. With its high measured quality, FreeMed EMR Software is a strong and exceptionally versatile solution for all necessities. Overseeing clinical records of various clinical claims to fame, para-clinical strengths, or even para-medical professionals can be utilized. It tends to be used in multiple conditions: people, bunch work on, nursing home, nursing home, center, clinic. FreeMED Free open source EMR arrangement with third-party billing functionality. 

This permits the application to add and eliminate center information base usefulness by adding and removing modules without reinventing its connection point. Key features incorporate 

  • Expense Management
  •  Appointment Management
  •  Electronic clinical records
  •  Patient Registration
  •  In-patient Management System
  •  Lab Information System
  •  Out-Patient Management
  • Patient Records Management
  •  Patient Discharge
  •  Pharmacy Information System (Drugs, Opticals)
  •  a discretionary Billing System
  •  Claims Management.

 In addition, the product has a functioning care group and offers master support using email and telephone. 

 Why consider FreeMED 

 FreeMED’s cost-free solution assists users in automating daily work processes that are excessively liberated from cost and assists clients with offering their clients better medical services. The framework lets practitioners focus more on their practices than daily managerial tasks. The solution can be effortlessly and quickly automated, and the software can easily be customized. 

The product has strived to offer a consistent, efficient, and inconvenience-free electronic clinical record and practice the board framework. In addition, FreeMED has inherent clinical gadget connection point, mark, and name support through FreeSHIM. Also, this product is authorized under the GNU Public License. 

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Final thought which solution to give more weightage  

Toward the end, the determination of the solution relies upon the prerequisite of your practice. While considering ICANotes and FreeMED, ICANotes is a solution for behavioral health practices. Its key features incorporate button-driven story outlining capacities, which empower clinicians to make electronic patient notes and records without composing or directing. You can Run your training from any place with ICANotes telehealth. Whereas, FreeMED is a free clinic management system that gives electronic clinical records and practices the executive’s frameworks to medical services providers. We prescribe you to check clients’ reviews before making earlier choices.

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