Innovative wall colour combinations for the Modern Bedroom

Colour schemes for the bedroom can be a quick fix. In addition to considering the mood you want your hue to evoke, there are a few practical considerations to make. It’s crucial to consider the room’s orientation: is it facing north or south? How much natural light does it receive? What will the hue of the bedroom paint look like in both natural and artificial light? Consider the size of the space as well; do you want your bedroom to be intimate or grand?

Monochrome white colour

As this all-white bedroom demonstrates, sometimes no colour is just as stunning as a lot of colours. The lack of colour makes such a statement; it’s so clearly one hue that it seems strong and everything from boring. The delicate texture of the wooden floor and the textured linen of the bedsheets, all provide interest. Elements like furniture, accessories and little textures add to the grandeur of the space.

White can create an extremely relaxing space that is equally elegant and stylish. It can be quite hard maintenance but the final look is definitely worth it.

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Yellow with some accents

Yellow is an invigorating colour that adds brightness to any room of any size or shape. It can be used as a bedroom paint concept on all four walls. It’s best to go for a focus wall or bring in those sunshine yellow tones with a headboard for a more subtle effect. The soft, mellow yellow pairs beautifully with baby pinks and tones of blue, creating a playful yet soothing colour palette. You can also use yellow with neutral shades like grey for an eclectic look.

Forest greens for a natural touch

Green is the ideal hue for a bedroom because of its relaxing but energising properties. When coupled with creams, beiges, and whites, green can almost act as a neutral; it doesn’t stand out as a splash of colour like more primary hues would, but it does add an earthiness to the palette. Choosing a neutral colour for the walls is a great choice since it creates a calm atmosphere while also serving as a canvas for the objects in the space, giving you more creative freedom with the rest of the design.

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Using earthy shades

In a bedroom, bright ochre yellows, moss tones, and deep teal greens all come together to create a warm and sophisticated colour palette. Gold elements offer warmth while also giving a hint of glitz to the otherwise natural-inspired palette.

Using earthy tones can be a great idea to keep the space understated in an elegant way. It can come off as quite traditional but you can play with other elements to make a rich vibe. Earthy colours are known to be very soothing for the nerves and can help you create a very relaxing space. 

There are plenty of colour options if you are looking for the perfect bedroom in 2022. Try these innovative colour options and transform your space. 

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