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Introducing Jang Do-Yeon: Ziptoss’s new ambassador!

Have you ever seen an ad that catches your attention and makes you want to buy a product? We’ve all been there, and there are times that we expected the same quality as what the ad promised and Ziptoss is one of those who promote their products with creative advertising. Ziptoss is a real estate company in South Korea that guides foreigners in finding their new homes without feeling the stress of moving into a different country. We also provide guides and useful information to help foreigners learn more about South Korea(culture, traditions, laws, popular events, etc.) to make them feel more comfortable as they are settling in their new homes. In this article, we’ll be introducing our new ambassador, Jang Do-Yeon.

In June 2021, Ziptoss has invited Jang Do-Yeon to be the new spokesperson. Jang Do-Yeon is the perfect fit for this role because of her candid personality, bouncy humor, and energetic performance that interprets Ziptoss’s “Real Housing(silmaemul). The theme conveys a humorous and unique spirit of life and a belief in the pursuit of “truth.”

Jang Do-Yeon is a Korean comedian/actress that has been in the industry since the early 2000s. She has been loved by many people from her jokes, to her acting skills. She also has been featured in many popular Korean dramas, variety shows, and had also been hosting different kinds of shows as well.

Ziptoss advertisement

Under the theme “Direct Real Estate Choosing Only Real Listings(sil maemul man golla damneun jig-yeong budongsan)”, this collaboration demonstrates Ziptoss’s concept of providing services that directly collects and manages real listing information and find suitable listings for their customers.

The beautiful mountain goddess played by Jang Do-Yeon in the “Mountain” (san) that the boy mentioned in the concept ad is looking for Real Housing(silmaemul) for thirsty climbers. There are subways, bus stops, etc. seen in the ad.

The mountain(san) and water(mul) in the video uses the Korean homophone, “mountain” (san) pertaining to Ziptoss direct real estate(jib toseu jig-yeong budongsan), and “water”(mul) pertaining to Ziptoss means unique and real listing(silmaemul).

As of June 2021, Ziptoss has 20 directly managed branches, covering more than 100,000 apartment buildings in Seoul and Suwon, and supporting services in Korean and English.

All Ziptoss creative ads and official websites are shared with customers at the same time, which is open and transparent. Also, every direct management store has a Korean real estate registered capital manager, dedicated to providing easy, fast, and secure real estate services for every person looking for a home in South Korea.

In this collaboration with Ms. Jang Do-Yeon, Mr. Lee Jae-yoon, a representative of Ziptoss, said that Spokesman Yang Do-Yeon is very popular among all age groups and perfect for Ziptoss’s concept. We hope that through this collaboration we will show different users that Ziptoss is a company that has always been open and available. Ziptoss’s reliable real estate services and a determination to provide reliable and trustworthy real estate services wherever and whenever possible.

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