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In most of these courses Shopify is use , and no, not only the gurus of average hair can take advantage of this platform to create online stores.

It is undeniable that Shopify is here to stay , and this is confirm by the interest that has been arousing in recent times, even surpassing well-establish e-commerce platforms such as Magento or Prestashop.

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Today we are going to tell you what Shopify is , how it works and if it is the most appropriate solution for your project. We are going to talk to you from experience, because we have manage several stores and we can give you a real , unbias opinion (we don’t sell you anything, and today, that has merit).


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that you can also sync with your physical store. As we have never manage the physical part, we are going to ignore it in this analysis.

The main claim of Shopify is that thanks to its solution, you can forget about the headaches of developing your website , implementing the payment platform and forgetting about any delay in the launch of your website.

Shopify works with different plans , it does not have a free version. Charge a fix monthly depending on the plan you choose and a commission for sales and for the use of credit cards.

Here’s how the different Shopify plans work


Shopify has three plans that offer similar features . Special mention deserves Shopify Lite.

  •  Shopify lite: This plan is offer to be able to sell through Shopify from other platforms . For € 9 per month you can benefit from the payment system of this platform. Its most notable feature is that it allows you to add a button
  •  Basic plan: For $ 29 per month we will have the online store ready and running with unlimit products.
  •  Medium plan: If we pay $ 79 per month, we will include new features such as a greater number of accounts for employees, the possibility of including gift cards and being able to have personalize reports.
  •  Advance plan: For a total of $ 299, we will have access to the price calculation for shipping new logistics providers. It will also include “advance” reports. The main attraction of this plan is that the commissions per product sold are reduce, being interesting for websites with a certain sales volume.

We cannot recommend a specific plan , you must do calculations and see what is more interesting for you. What we can say is that if you are going to start from scratch or you still do not have a very high volume, the basic plan will cover most of your needs.


The answer should be an underline depends , in size 75 and that it was animate. We are going to comment on some of the most frequent advantages and disadvantages and add some cases that we have come across.

In some case, some functionality or feature will be mention in both parts.

Advantages of Shopify

As we have comment, the good thing about the platform being manage by Shopify itself , is that it allows us to have a fast website from the beginning. For example, these are the results of a store of thousands of products on its home page, results difficult to achieve with an unoptimize WordPress.

Shopify loading speed

Disadvantages of Shopify


You can do SEO for Shopify and get good results , however, there are several important factors that limit the control we can exercise.

➡️Text: We can only include content in the part that Shopify has enable, we will not be able to customize the way the content is display in categories or products without having to resort to a designer, which depends on how the theme is made for be able to work.

➡️Access robots.txt: We cannot access the robots.txt of our project. For large sites with many products it becomes a problem and Shopify Development Company in Lahore should be able to facilitate access to it

➡️Access to .htaccess: We cannot edit this file either. Although Shopify makes it easy to manage redirects, anything other than redirecting from page A to page B will be more complicate if not impossible.

These limitations mean that if we are only going to take SEO into account when choosing a CMS for our online store, Shopify should not be the first option .

When is it the best option?

If you are going to base your traffic capture strategy on advertising campaigns on social networks, google ads or you already have a consolidate brand (without your own website) , Shopify may be the winning option.

If you want to start as soon as possible and have your store ready quickly , It is usually the winner if you do not have technical knowledge or want to resort to third parties.

For dropshipping it would also be a good option, especially if you are only going to invest in network ads (like the gurus we mention at the beginning).

So you can see that also big brands use Shopify, we leave you a list of companies that trust this cms to create and manage their online store.

Keep in mind that many lists of large examples of stores with Shopify are out of date, since many of those stores decide to switch to other cms.

We hope we have provide some useful information about Shopify. Like any other cms, it is good for certain things and not the best for others.

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