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Real Estate Agents find Real Growth After Leaving Legacy Real Estate Website Vendors

Websites and content found on the internet several decades ago are drastically different from the type of content you see nowadays. It is not difficult to notice the difference between newer websites compared to legacy ones and see how these newer websites tend to outperform the older ones not only in design but also in content.

An eXp Realty is one excellent website that offers a number of services to its users right from selling to buying a home. They consistently update homes new on the market so that users can find their dream homes easily.

When it comes to building websites, futureproofing is an important thing that you need to consider as you need to keep your site relevant decades later. This factor is just as crucial for real estate businesses and agents as the website needs to stay robust for the business to continue and thrive. Enlisting help from the top real estate marketing companies in 2022 is the best way to futureproof your website if you are planning on releasing a website for your business or relaunching an old website made by legacy web designers.

Launching a new website with the latest technologies can be a costly venture especially if you already have an old website up and running or can opt for legacy website vendors. However, the benefits of working with the latest teams allow you to experience better growth and greatly outweigh the costs if you consider them. Here are several of those benefits that can take into consideration.

A Perfect Balance Between Style and Function

A common mistake that many people often make during the design phase of building the website is placing too much emphasis on the website’s design and style. While it is important for websites to be eye-catching to attract customers and convenient for them, it is also important to give your websites some functionality and practicality.

Striking the perfect balance between style and function is key for your website to grow and continue to grow in the future. The content that will remain on the website is something that helps attract clients and generate organic growth and traffic.

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Integration with Social Media Platforms

Social media holds a very big presence on the internet. It allows people to connect and share content that helps you engage with each other on the platform. Many large companies often take advantage of the social aspect of the platform and often use it as an extra medium to get closer to the target audience.

Social media is a powerful tool in marketing and promotion because this should be something that you can take advantage of when it comes to building your website. It is not that difficult to integrate social media platforms into your website, but it can be awkward and trick to make them naturally fit in with one another. The key to making them work seamlessly is through proper management and tactics that aim to promote your website and content.

Implementation of SEO

Search engine optimization is another powerful tool that many legacy sites, unfortunately, do not have. SEO is a tricky topic to learn but is a worthwhile investment regardless of how you implement them. Working together with a marketing team is the best way to implement SEO naturally as it allows your website to gain value as time passes.

Through SEO you are not only guaranteed the meaningful content usually accompanied by these websites, but you are also given the opportunity for your website to grow organically as you can notice a steady stream of traffic and visitors each day.

Opportunity to Collaborate with Other Websites

Many of the marketing teams you would be working with often have a network of companies in similar industries that they either worked with in the past or have a business relationship with. A distinct advantage you would get from working with these companies is that you can take advantage of these connections and collaborate with other websites and companies. You can also be offered the services by them as both you and the other website can benefit from one another through backlinking and cross-promotion.

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