Top 6 ideas to motivate employees to attend online training

Often employees develop a negative attitude towards online training. When the same topic is often repeated, they find training sessions boring and exhaustive. Sometimes long hours of discussions and virtual classes cause mental fatigue. They feel drowned and dizzy.

Making it mandatory to attend classes may lead to high attendance rates, but there is no guarantee that employees will learn effectively. After all, negative sanctions may further demotivate the employees, and they start taking up training courses just to get certificates. 

But why is it so important to keep employees and online learners motivated? Isn’t providing online training enough? The answer is, it is important to motivate employees to attend online training sessions to bring down dropout rates. 

If employees keep leaving their training in between, then the cost of training will keep rising for the organization, which is not a good thing in any way. Your organization may also have employees who are very competent and intelligent, who you just can’t afford to lose. 

Hence, you must work on addressing the engagement-related issues so that employees find meaning in attending online training. When such issues are rightly addressed, then there are higher chances of an increase in productivity and efficiency of the employees, which in turn will benefit the organization.

Top 6 ideas to motivate employees to attend online training-

1. Give employees a solid and logical reason to attend

You must give employees a strong reason to attend online training. You must show them the lucrative benefits that they might reap after attending the training. By highlighting career advancement options, employees will feel more motivated to take up eLearning courses if you show them the career advancement options like a chance for promotion and future benefits. This gives employees a goal to work towards. 

2. Personalized learning experience

Personalized learning is a way to provide online training to employees based on their specific needs. For example, tailored eLearning content, frequent eLearning courses recommendations, etc. 

Personalized learning is helpful to employees in the following ways-

  • Raises employee engagement with the eLearning platform
  • Ensures continuous and lifelong learning
  • Empowers employees to work hard
  • Personal attention is given to every employee’s need
  • Triggers their hidden motivation to attend training sessions
  • Provides great flexibility to employees to learn at their own pace

3. Right info in the right place

When you’re creating an eLearning course for the employees, you need to look up three important things-

  • Is the eLearning content relevant and engaging?
  • How will you present or deliver the eLearning content?
  • How will the employees access the eLearning content?

The eLearning content should be designed to cater individual needs of the employees. If you’re conducting an online training program, then make sure that the online digital library is well secured and updated whenever needed. If the employees don’t have access to a desktop or laptop, then you should make sure that the learning management system is mobile-friendly.

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4. Making online training fun

You must think of ways employees can enjoy and complete their online training on time. You can keep an informal 20 minutes tea break daily, where the entire organization can hang out online. For new employees on board, you can hold ice-breaking sessions to make them feel comfortable. 

All learning management systems must be integrated with social learning tools that help all chat, talk, and share their experiences. Discussion forums, personal chat spaces, live chat, etc., are good-to-go options.

5. Take employee’s feedback

Taking frequent feedback from employees can be very helpful for the organization to improve their mistakes.

You must ask your employees-

  • What do they want to learn? 
  • What methods help them learn to the core?
  • Are they satisfied with the online training assessments?
  • Are they finding the eLearning course useful?
  • Do they face any difficulties in accessing the eLearning platform?

By asking such questions, you make employees feel valued. You can align and modify your strategy based on the feedback from the employees.

6. Rewards and incentives

It is the best way to ignite motivation spirit to attend online training programs-

  • Rewards- 

Certificates of appreciation, badges, trophies, medals, and giving recommendations on their resume are some great ways to reward employees and motivate them to attend training sessions.

  • Incentives- 

You can provide training-related incentives to employees. You can give event tickets, cash prizes, or even food. For instance, you can organize a monthly virtual lunch break and reimburse employees the money incurred by them.


Keeping the spirits of employees high throughout the online training is a difficult but achievable task. Attaching incentives and rewards to online training makes employees take their eLearning courses seriously. E-learning courses need to be designed in a manner that shows the growth prospectus to employees. This keeps them excited and motivated to complete their eLearning journey with sheer dedication and determination.

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