When to Consider Animated Video Production

Video animation is among the newest yet highly favored business trends and for a great reason: Customers are no longer satisfied with traditional promotional ads on various platforms, social media included. They are looking for something more subtle but fresh and innovative.

Animated videos make it easier to achieve this goal since in addition to being subtle when advertising, they are also entertaining. While animated video production is appropriate for almost any situation, here are the common cases when you should prioritize it:

1. When Telling Your Brand Story

Customers want to learn the story of your company and connect with people like founders, inspirators, creators, and others. Animated videos are a perfect tool for making that possible, because they establish an emotional connection between you and your customers.

To ensure you are creating the best videos, you should leverage top-notch professional animated video services from a provider like The Sketch Effect. The videos you’ll create together will help your customers resonate with the mission, values, and other core aspects of your business.

2. When Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to Live Action Videos

Live-action videos have dominated marketing for a long time, but they aren’t easy to produce. Video animation is a perfect contender, as it has most of the benefits of live-action videos (sometimes going even beyond).

Unlike live-action videos, animated videos are cheaper to produce and update, if needed. And that’s not all. They offer greater flexibility in use cases.

3. When Trying to Create Unique Videos

Animated videos, unlike live-action videos, aren’t limited by reality. If, for example, you want to create a video of your company team going to a different planet, doing so in reality would be next to impossible.

The bridge that links you to reality in an unrealistic setting would, therefore, be animated videos. They are the perfect definition of “The Sky is The Limit”. As long as you work with a seasoned animated video services provider, you can bring any story to life, in whatever setting you prefer.

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4. When Your Product/Service Is Quite Technical

Some products/services are downright complex. And that’s fine since there’s a market for everything. In some cases, though, you need to ensure that every interested customer can interact with your product/service and be able to use it without hiccups.

The best solution would be to use animated videos as a simplified way to explain your product and make it usable. With animation, you can get into the most detailed parts of a product/service and create a summary of the crucial bits while encapsulating everything that your customers should know.

5. When Introducing a Prototype

Sometimes, what you want to introduce to the market isn’t available in physical form just yet (for example, a device that’s in production). In such situations, video animation would be a great solution, allowing you to showcase the product in a detailed way, even when it’s not yet ready.

This would also work great for products or services that aren’t physical entities. You want your customers to interact with the product from a whole perspective through their imagination, and that’s easy to do with animation.


No doubt, there are lots of use cases and circumstances when you should go for animated video production for your business. One certain thing is every business that requires some form of marketing would benefit from animation as a way to boost their marketing efforts.

If you’ve decided to, team up with a top-rated animation services provider like The Sketch Effect for results that go beyond your expectations.

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