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How to optimize youtube videos? | Youtube SEO

Methods of YouTube Video Optimization that will boost your video's ranking

You must have heard about website SEO, in which the ranking of the website is increased in Google search by optimizing the website. Have you ever heard the name of youtube SEO?

You must have ever seen that when you search on YouTube, many videos come in the search result, the main reason for what you see above is YouTube SEO.

Most of the videos on the top come from those channels whose channel is big,

Which have more subscribers, but this does not mean that small channels with fewer subscribers cannot come on top. 

Many businesses have professional marketing videos made with smaller

YouTube channels, such as Miami video production companies.

Small YouTube channels can come on top if they optimize their videos properly and research their keywords properly,

Then you can bring the video to the top through low competition keywords.

If you also want to bring YouTube videos to the top,

Then it is true that you must be a new YouTuber or a YouTuber with fewer subscribers. Let’s see how you can do youtube SEO.

Choose keywords with less competition

You must know this, whether it is a website or YouTube, if the competition is high, then it is very difficult to come on top.

Therefore, it is very important to do keyword research properly before making a video.

Keyword research does not mean that keywords with high CPC are selected and that’s it, there are many things involved in keyword research.

Key things in keyword research include low competition, quality keywords, ads friendly keywords, enough traffic, keyword tools, etc.

If you take care of all these things then your chances of going to the top of the video will increase a lot.

Now it’s time to find keywords for your video. There are many research tools available on Google to find keywords, whether it is free or paid, you will find both.

Apart from this, you can also use the youtube search bar.

When you have selected your single keyword, then you have to use Keyword Research Tool and Youtube Search Bar.

If you are making a video on any niche, you must always put a question related to it,

Google keeps those websites and YouTube in the forefront which have questions and answers.

Youtube Search Bar plays the most important role in finding Q&A keywords, you can find your Q&A keywords from this.

Video Quality

Everyone knows this thing without quality, no user would like to watch the video, if the user experience is bad then your ranking will also be affected.

Video quality is most important for YouTube, its user is everything for YouTube, if the user experience is not correct then there is a high possibility of your video ranking low.

We do not mean by video quality its size or pixels, video quality should mean good content so that users can watch your video longer and increase your watch time.

Youtube Video Title

If you have ever worked on a website, then you would know how important the title is in the content.

The algorithm of both YouTube and website is almost the same but the YouTube website is different for one reason “Title Length”.

Where the length of the title is limited on the website, it is very much on YouTube.

You should neither increase the title of YouTube too much nor keep it too short.

If you do not know how many words to write, then you go to the mobile screen and see the title of that video, it looks fine on the mobile screen,

it looks medium, then keeps it as much because most users of YouTube are using mobile.

Keeping the medium title, it will look fine in mobile as well as on YouTube.

The better and interesting you write the title, the more your video is likely to be clicked. But you have to avoid false and fake Clickbait titles.

Video Description

As much as your video is important, your video description is equally important. According to YouTube, the bigger the video description, the better it’s ranking. You can write up to 5000 words in a YouTube video description.

But what is written in the YouTube video description? In the video description, information and keywords related to the video have to be entered because YouTube also indexes the words of the description to rank the video, so keywords should always be included with the information.

Let us take the example of some niche for your information.

If you have a YouTube channel or video related to gadget unboxing or gadget review, then you have to put a little information about the gadget in the video so that the description can be bigger, the buy link of that product and its various information and your keywords.

Attractive Thumbnail

Video photo means which is the thumbnail of the video which you can call banner in other languages. When you search for a video, not all videos are played, its thumbnail appears first.

The YouTube video whose thumbnail will attract more will have a higher click rate, so you have to focus more on the thumbnail of the video. Some people use thumbnails as clickbait, you can also do so that the click rate of the video can increase.

Thumbnail is always made of good quality, the chance of clicking increases. A good quality thumbnail size is 1920 x 1080. You can create thumbnails on any software nowadays online thumbnail maker is available like Canva, Fotor, Pixlr, etc.

You can also use Photoshop or Affinity if you want to create thumbnails with travel or your own photos.

It is In offline software like Photoshop, photos are well-edited and more resources are available. While uploading a YouTube thumbnail, keep in mind that the photo should be kept within 2MB.

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