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7 Proven Ways to Promote YouTube Video Content

It's good to make your channel appealing.

If you’re reading this article, it means that you just have a YouTube channel. You haven’t found awesome tricks. The bad is that you get lost in how to maximize your YouTube video content.

Here are 7 awesome proven ways you can promote your video content on YouTube. Let’s dive in.

#1. Create Custom Thumbnails

Keep in mind that designing thumbnails is an essential thing to promote YouTube video content for beginners because it will affect the audiences whether to watch your videos or skip them. We’ve already become familiar with the color of custom thumbnails on YouTube, which is mostly red, black, and white. You could choose an outstanding main color like green, purple, blue, yellow or brown. 

The other important thing is deciding the theme and picture of your video. Make sure you create an eye-catching video with an online video editor, so you will get a ton of clicks from the audiences. Most audiences are visual. The more creative the videos, the more audiences you’ll get. 

#2. Write Attractive Title

The audiences will automatically click the eye-catching video titles. You could use a short title yet strong to get people’s interest by adding the current year in a bracket at the end of the title. Then, you could write a title that makes the audience curious. By triggering audiences’ curiosity, the audiences even voluntarily share your videos. For example, 7 Awesome Proven Ways for Beginners to Promote YouTube Video Content [2021 review].  

#3. Write Clear Video Description

Writing a video description becomes one of the most important ways to promote your video. You have to write an appropriate introduction in 2 to 3 sentences that conclude your video content. This introduction is important because it describes more about your video and you can improves your conversion rates. You should use the appropriate keywords of your video, so it is fully describing your content. 

Next, you should include more sentences in the space of “show more” to explain many more. It could be in several sentences as long as it is really in line with the video. In the last line, you could add your social media links to engage your audiences. 

#4. Change Your Playlist Layout

You have to change the basic setting of the YouTube playlist layout to promote YouTube video content for the beginner. If you set the videos into only one playlist layout, your channel looks a bit bare. So, you should change the layout into a horizontal row or a vertical list to get more audiences. It is an essential way because those layouts will distinguish your video from each other. It also makes the audiences keep on track. 

#5. Ask Viewers to Give Comment, Like, and Subscribe 

The goal of promoting your YouTube video content is to get more and more active audiences and subscribers. In the last minute of your video, you could use an animation or directly ask for comments, likes, and subscriptions from the viewers. A channel that has a high number of comments, likes, and subscribers has won the YouTube search engine ranking. 

People on YouTube will click the titles of videos that appear right below the search column. It also means that your video has got the strongest engagement. Then, it will bring your YouTube channel to be popular in the engine ranking. That is one of the awesome ways to maximally promote your YouTube video content for the beginner.  

#6. Share Your Videos on Online Communities 

Online communities like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, etc. provide a good opportunity to share more of your clip videos and give a YouTube video link in the comment section. Why should we drop a full link on a comment column instead of posting a YouTube video because those platforms I said earlier will make you stay on those platforms. 

The best thing is you could answer people’s questions by dropping the link of your YouTube video in the comment column. People in online communities will find the answer they’ve asked by the link of your YouTube video. It will be an awesome trick to promote your YouTube video content.

#7. Create Your Uploading Schedule 

You should decide what time you should upload a video on YouTube. Being consistent in uploading video is the key for a beginner to get more subscribers. The best time to upload is the time when your audiences are online on YouTube. Let’s give a quick example. On every Sunday at noon, you will upload a video about A and on every Thursday night you will post a video about B. 

Those are videos you will upload consistently, then you will get new subscribers. To know what the best time to upload is by using a tool like VidIQ to analyze your channel. This is also one of the amazing ways to promote YouTube video content for the beginner.

Now, time to practice. Those are details of 7 awesome ways to promote YouTube video content. It is a must for the beginner. Or you have already done it in those ways, but it has nothing. Please leave a comment below.

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