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Best Water Filtration Systems For Your Home

Water is essential for us to survive. It might be thought of as a very common thing available in abundance, but if containing bacteria, it can also ill affect our health.

Gone are the days when the water was boiled to kill the bacteria present. Nowadays, due to advancements in technology, we have air purifiers.

Many brands sell the same product with just different brand names. So it certainly gets difficult to choose the right one when you have so many options of in-home water systems available with you.

Talking About How An Air Purifier Works

The water in an air purifier passes through many processes of filtration. RO carries it in the best manner. The water passes through a filter where all the dirt and other particles get trapped.

Further, the water then passes through a UV treatment to kill the microbes present in the water. After UV, water passes through a carbon filtration process that removes any bad odour coming from water and finally, water gets ready to be stored from where the water is poured out.

Listed below are steps that can act as a guide while you are considering buying an Air purifier-

Step 1 – It Has To Be Water Testing

The easiest way to do this is by tasting and smelling the water. If it does not taste or smell, it’s the usual way. You can check the quality of water with the help of a water testing kit. If not, you also get the water quality checked through a testing lab for better results. 

It is better to do that early on because it helps detect any harmful materials present in the water.

Step 2 – Examine The Analysis Report Very Carefully

You should check the purification levels and judge accordingly. If the TDS reading is above 500, one should buy an RO mechanism from the available in-home water systems.

The water you are drinking should not contain numerous pathogens present in case the water is not appropriate for drinking.

Step 3 – Inquiry Of The Available Options

Once the reports have been examined properly, one can do proper research about the options available before buying, like- Checking the storage capacity, after-sales services and the cost of maintaining it.

We have UV, RO, UF, and TDS based water purifying technology.

So two different types of water filter systems can be installed in the house, namely- The point of use system and the Point of entry system, so one has to decide whether to purify the drinking water or to purify all the coming water in the home.


If the in-home water systems require change, it is considered an alarming situation. Even after changing the required parts, the problem does get fully resolved, so it is always better to buy a new one. But before buying, one should always do proper research on their part to avoid any negligence later. Be sure to seek assistance from professionals to learn more about this topic.


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