Simple Ways to Enhance the Performance of Older Vehicles

If you have an old car, you might want to boost its performance without having to pay out for a whole new vehicle. If so, you’re in the right place because you’ll find some amazing advice in this guide! 

Upgrade the Tires 

Often, car owners spend lots of time under the hood and in other areas when the only part of the vehicle actively touching the ground are the four tires. Therefore, you’ll notice the difference when you upgrade. While some people need new tires, others upgrade to a higher quality to extend the life of their vehicle. If you have high yearly mileage or often experience extreme weather, pay attention to tire quality and choose models designed to last. 

Improve Airflow 

Although it might sound simple, you can also buy air intake systems and air filters to boost airflow in your vehicle. Even if you have an old model, this can add some much-needed horsepower. What’s more, it’s an affordable improvement and a simple one to install too. 

Use Premium Oil 

Over the years, we all fall into habits, and putting the cheapest petrol/diesel into our vehicles is one of them. However, have you ever thought about treating your vehicle to premium gas at the gas station? What’s more, consider premium oil, too, because your engine will appreciate the care. Though it’s more expensive, high-quality oil generally has additives that will lubricate the engine. Is this important? Well, you will boost performance while also extending the life of your engine. If your car has high mileage, this transition to high-quality oil will improve performance. As a slicker texture, it moves freely through the engine and should prevent build-ups in and around the engine. 

Stainless Steel Exhaust 

If you don’t have a stainless-steel exhaust already, this is another change that really makes a difference. Using 316 stainless steel tubing, for example, you will benefit from higher performance, quality, and longevity (the perfect trifecta!).

  • Stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust like traditional exhausts 
  • Stainless steel is durable and reliable (you shouldn’t need quite so many repairs) 
  • Performance improves since overheating is no longer an issue 

With stainless steel, the cooler gases both protect the exhaust while also contributing to performance in older vehicles. 

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Invest in Struts and Shocks

Though you may not have heard about struts and shocks, they play an important role in maintaining a smooth ride. Without them, you wouldn’t enjoy such a pleasant drive when commuting. The longer the same shocks and struts are used, the more it impacts handling. Therefore, investigate replacing these parts. As well as simply replacing them, see if you can upgrade to better struts and shocks. With high-quality parts in this area, you will notice the difference in the way the car feels on the road (especially when paired with new tires – it will feel like a new car!). 

Get Your Car Serviced

If you aren’t comfortable performing small tasks on your vehicle, take it for a service every so often. As well as performing an oil change, a reliable garage will replace air filters, get the tires rotated, and perform other small maintenance tasks. They might seem small, but they will keep your old vehicle running as expected. If you don’t want to pay for these small tasks, learn how to do them yourself (never risk your own safety, though, and contact professionals if you aren’t sure!). By implementing these simple changes, you can enhance the performance of your older vehicle (for a fraction of the budget of a new one!).

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