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The Best Nike Sneaker Styles for Summer

The Nike origin story follows Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman’s mission to help runners run faster and farther than ever before when they began experimenting with shoe innovations in 1964.

But, the brand and its offerings grew beyond pure athletics into sneakers that can be worn for all types of occasions. Basically, even if you’re a die-hard Swoosh supporter, there are just too many options to choose from when it comes to Nike running shoes.

No worries though, we’ve got your back. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the best Nike sneaker styles for the summer. 

The Crowned Champion of Nike Sneaker Styles: Nike Air Max 270

When Nike debuted the Air Max 270, we had to get our hands on a pair! Our only desire today is to wear these shoes non-stop for the rest of our lives.

This is the only Air Max shoe designed for everyday use, unlike the rest of the Air Max line. The Swoosh brand ensured that these sneakers were as comfortable as a pair of slippers since they were designed to be worn on a daily basis.

Look at the Air-filled sole. Yes, it has a lot of space. Tt’s there to provide you with twice as much comfort as other AM kicks. Be at ease with those enormous Air bubbles, too. These are, in fact, quite long-lasting.

Some of you may be concerned about how heavy the soles will be. But, even though the soles are thick, the shoes are lighter than they seem.

The Nike Air Max 270 not only provides pillowy comfort but also keeps your feet dry and fresh by dispersing heat away from your soles.

A perforated mesh top ensures that this garment stays cool. There is no need to worry about dirt getting into your shoe, either. Dust and filth are kept at bay thanks to the thin mesh lining on this one. 

Going Iconic: The Nike Air Force 1 07

Have a peek at Nike’s Air Force 1 07 if you’re seeking the next famous Nike shoe. Then again, it may not be necessary since it seems to be everywhere. Regardless, if you’re a true Nike lover, these sneakers are a must-have in your collection.

With the same design and construction as the original AF1s, the AF2s were introduced in 2007 with just a few minor changes. The silver item on the shoelaces, known as the dubrae, is the most noticeable addition to the overall design of the shoe.

Despite its unassuming exterior, the AF1 07’s interior is wide and comfy. True, it lacks the cutting-edge technology seen in other high-end sneakers. Despite this, it was always a cozy place for your feet to hang out.

However, its heavy outsole is a drawback. A few pounds would have gone a long way toward improving its durability. Although we’re not here to whine, we’re still here.

After all, this is a classic throwback shoe that has been popular for more than a decade. Also, this is a great option if you have broad feet. Its toe box is large enough to accommodate wide-footed sneaker devotees without causing discomfort (something you often find in narrower build kicks).

For Hardcore Runners: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

As long as the shoes are still selling, it’s a positive indicator that they went through 38 incarnations. React foam was added to the Nike Pegasus 37, which was previously reserved for the company’s “bouncier” shoes.

This lightweight, bouncy material was a major improvement for the Pegasus model. The React’s responsiveness and energy return drew a mixed reaction from some Pegasus enthusiasts, while others preferred the harder shoes of the past.

If you’re looking for a really cushioned ride, you should check out the Nike Invincible Run instead of this shoe. A 5K or a marathon is no problem for it, and it will continue to function admirably mile after mile. Runners who prefer not to feel the pavement under their feet or run in flatforms will like the 10mm drop.

Nike improved the tongue of the Pegasus 38 to eliminate hot spots and keep the foot firmly in place when running in response to some of the most popular concerns about the Pegasus 37. Pegasus 36’s forefoot is taller and broader, and the upper has been adjusted to provide support and keep the heel in place.

Overall, this is a great shoe for runners that desire just one pair of shoes in their wardrobe. Although it isn’t the quickest or the most stylish, it is dependable and will get the job done.

The Best Mid-Top Option: Nike Air Force 1 Mid

If high-tops and low-tops aren’t quite your style, try trying some mid-tops instead. Lastly, the Air Force 1 Mid is our pick for the greatest Nike mid-top. 

The Air Force 1 moniker wouldn’t be given to this sneaker if it didn’t deliver on both looks and functionality. When it comes to errands, exercises, and long walks, this one hasn’t let us down. You can also explore this extensive Air Force Nike collection.

Yes, it is correct. Your Nike Epic React Flyknit is a lot more comfortable. And, yeah, it’s a bit of a throwback. However, it is precisely its attraction.

This 90s shoe has a timeless appearance that will never go out of style while being vintage from the inside out. You won’t have aching feet at the end of a long day of walking with this shoe, even if it’s not as comfortable as your typical walking shoes.

Aside from that, it’s tough as nails. After a few usages, the leather does begin to fold, but this isn’t a deal-breaker for us. The shoe’s durability is a big plus.

Not only that, but the mid-top design provides exactly the appropriate amount of support for the ankles. Yes, it takes some time to put this on and take it off.

In addition to that, it’s worth noting that this one doesn’t make your feet feel hot and sticky. The perforations in the front kept our feet cool and dry, even though it was made of leather.

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Exploring Nike Shoes: The Summer Version

A change in seasons is the best time to give your sneakers an update. Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on the best summer Nike sneaker styles that you can add to your wardrobe. 

But, if you’re looking for more specialized Nike sneakers, you should check out our fashion section for all the additional sneaker-based explainers and tips. 

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